SG Diary: Cable Car Detour To Tanjong Beach Part 1

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Tanjong Beach Sentosa Singapore

We had a very open schedule on our last day in Singapore. The original plan was to visit Sentosa Island but we were not sure which public transport to take. Thanks to our very reliable internet connection in Ibis Singapore Novena, we were able to grab a few notes courtesy of Google. 

We decided to take a cable car ride to and from Sentosa Island. We boarded the MRT from our hotel in Novena Station to HarbourFront Station, which is one of the three stops of the Mount Faber Cable Car. The two-way ticket from HarbourFront to Mount Faber Peak to Sentosa Island costs SGD28 per person. That's about PHP930 per passenger.

We toured from HarbourFront to Mount Faber and went all the way to Sentosa Island where we decided to stop. We ate lunch and took some photos of Resorts World Sentosa. Upon checking Facebook, I got a message from one blogger friend who gave me a tip of a great place to visit in the island. He said, if we are in the mood to see the beach and a very attractive crowd, we should drop by Tanjong Beach. It sounded very tempting. With few extra clothes in my backpack, I was ready for some random swimming time. 

Tanjong Beach Singapore Tanjong Beach Singapore Tanjong Beach Singapore Tanjong Beach Singapore

From a cable car to a tram then to the beach, it was a fun detour that lead us to a pleasant surprise in Tanjong Beach. The artificial sand didn't look artificial and these human beings with well-sculpted bods, I think they're not artificial too! :) 

Singapore - Tanjong Beach Singapore - Tanjong Beach Singapore - Tanjong Beach

We did a few research and read about a free tram service from Resorts World Sentosa to the other tourist destinations in the island. We passed by the butterfly garden and Palawan Beach, among others. I read that Tanjong is the last point of destination of the tram service but I didn't know that it will actually take 20 minutes to get there. Even if it took longer than expected, it was a fun ride. 

House music greeted as upon reaching Tanjong. Men playing beach volleyball, women playing with their dogs at the shore and few people lying down at the beach front were the first few scenes when we got off the tram. We were told that the white sand in Sentosa is artificial but once again, the Singaporeans made a great job in making the beach look natural. 

I was not really sure if I will swim but we looked for a public comfort room to change to more beach-appropriate clothes. I was wearing sneakers and was covered up in long sleeves for crying out loud. We passed by Tanjong Beach Club, a mini-hotel with a huge bar and pool, and saw the bulk of the crowd eating, drinking beer and just having fun. Suddenly I forgot that I was in an Asian country. There were more Caucasians, speaking in English and other languages that I don't recognize. The feel of nature in Sentosa so suddenly became the United Nations of sexy. 

We grabbed beer and the rest was... well... fun! :)

Singapore - Tanjong Beach Singapore - Tanjong Beach Singapore - Tanjong Beach Singapore - Tanjong Beach

Joms, as seen in the first photo above, was delighted to see an area in Singapore which is not clad with buildings and anything steel. We had a great time shooting all these people as discreet as we can. And I would like to apologize for the last two photos in this set. I know I need to workout more (LOL!) but even with great bodies around, everyone there is allowing all the rest to let loose and just have fun. :) 

Singapore - Tanjong Beach Tanjong Beach Singapore Tanjong Beach Singapore Tanjong Beach Singapore

Like Malaysia, I noticed that it's always raining every late afternoon in Singapore. Read about how a heavy downpour replaced the burning heat early in the morning which left us wet and almost stranded in the island on the second part of our post about our fun day in Tanjong Beach. 

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