No Jeans Summer Day

11:24 AM

Forever 21 joggers

Jeans are our go-to comfort outfit all seasons. Pick a nice top to go along with your favorite jeans and you're set for the day. 

There are some of us, however, who hate the feeling of jeans or any thick materials hugging our legs on a hot, sweltering day. If you feel this, I am with you. And we can't be not as timely as talking about this now while Manila is in the middle of a blazing summer, averaging to 38 degrees in warm factor for the past two weeks when temperatures play between 34 and 35 degrees centigrade. 

The lighter the fabric is, the better. But what if shorts are not allowed too since sunblock won't be enough to protect our skin from the damaging sun. 

This has always been the main consideration when we toured Singapore, a country so near the equator and so hot! A day in Universal Studios could only lead to two things: smile and sweat. So outfit planning was very important. 

Thanks to not-so-expensive clothing brands back home, my day at USS went just fine. I had this top my Mint, pants by Forever 21 and shoes by Nike to thank for making my whole day in USS fantastic! :) 

What about you? Tell me about your summer outfit! :) 

No Jeans and No Shorts Day No Jeans and No Shorts Day No Jeans and No Shorts Day No Jeans and No Shorts Day

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