How MediCard Saved Our Monthsary

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Partner and me promised to always find a new place to celebrate our monthsaries. Our 26th was definitely in some place new... the Makati Medical Hospital. 

For 7 days until Wednesday, my fever kept coming back. Flu and cough were around too which led me to a bad feeling that it wasn't an ordinary fever. It could be something bacterial which needs serious medical attention. 

As soon as my partner arrived from work, I immediately packed my bags and asked him to take me to the nearest hospital which is Makati Med. He paused and asked me if I can consider other hospitals for financial reasons. I insisted. Not because we're just 10 minutes away from the facility, but I have a MediCard. :) 

Working for more than 10 years now, one of the main requirements before I accept a job offer is health benefits. We mostly give more importance on employee loans, car plans, night differential, hazard pays, and other bonuses but shouldn't we look at HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) first? 

Medicard Medicard

We are no superheros and everyone is vulnerable to illnesses, especially when we really work hard. And hospital bills can be very, crazy expensive that it sucks up whatever little amount you have in your bank account.  While you can plan for your next car, you can't foresee when will medical bills eat your budget. But you can be ready by being HMO-covered and you'll be worry-free when you choose the best. 

I remember my friends from other companies would ask what are each other's HMOs. There would always be different perceptions about the top companies but the most solid reputation I have so far is that of MediCard. Now that I decided to take a rest from corporate and stay freelance, I chose MediCard for my voluntary HMO contributions. 

Why? They are 28 years established in the Philippines with almost 40,000 accredited doctors, health specialists and dentists in more than 1,000 hospitals and clinics in the country. You can be assured that there's a doctor near you. Mine just happened to be in one of the country's best hospitals. MediCard is also the only HMO built and managed by doctors, which makes sense because they are the ones who know what the patients need. 

MediCard has laid out easy processes for outpatient consultation, outpatient laboratory care, hospitalization care, emergency admission, and dental services. After presenting your card, the rest would be smooth-sailing from seeing the doctor, taking some tests to billing.

Medicard Medicard

I presented my MediCard first when I went to the nurses station. I was asked some medical questions and they immediately forwarded me to the registration counter where my information was encoded in the computer. Moments later, a doctor called me for the formal check-up. I told him everything that I felt for the past few days and he endorsed me for blood tests and X-ray. My tests went smoothly and after 30 minutes, I was called back by the same doctor. He informed that I just had an Upper Respiratory Tract Infection which was caused by extreme weather conditions. He gave me prescription. My last stop was at the billing department where I was told that MediCard took care of everything. 

I saw the slip and my bill would've been PhP3,900. For some people, that amount might be minimal but for the others who are on a tight budget, that's kind of a big deal. What if it was something serious which required me to be admitted for a couple of days and get more lab tests. I don't know about you but PhP50,000 of unexpected spending is heavy on the pocket and we can avoid this by having a MediCard. 

While writing this, I am feeling better. A hospital might not be the most romantic venue for a monthsary date but I appreciated my partner more, recalling the time when she convinced me to voluntarily pay for an HMO even if I am no longer in corporate. That gesture is her greatest monthsary gift ever. You can do the same for your loved ones! Let MediCard save the day! :) 

For more information on MediCard, visit their website

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