Lessons of Being 29 Over a Sumptuous Starbucks Chocolate Cake

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Starbucks Chocolate Cake

What's a birthday without a cake. Mine is not just any cake. It was given by the awesome team of Starbucks Philippines. 

Starbucks' chocolate cakes are known for their addicting taste, not too sweet and with that melt-in-your-mouth moisture when chilled right. The prices might be a little more than how much a cake should cost but paying the premium for these chocolate cakes will be worth it. For my free cake delivery, on the other hand, they certainly know how to make one person extra special on his special day. (",) 

While eating the first two slices of the cake (I reserved the rest to pair with my coffee while watching sunrise on Sunday), I started to realize what being 29 means to me. I know we will have different plans and notions of who and what we are in our current age and state, but let me know in the comments section below if we have a lot of things similar. 

No more shitting me. At least, not so much. 

Late 20's will remind you that "Whatever!" is the bitchiest response you can give about rumors. You're in the stage of your life when if you're sure that it is not true, you care nothing about it. I am entering the time of my life when choosing my battles is as important as prioritizing which bills to pay first. Throw me anything. But if winning that argument will not help me grow my bank account or any other stuff beneficial for me and my family, those will fall in deaf ears. 

More battle with self to be more understanding

Generally, I am such an impatient person. I don't understand why people don't say "Please" and "Thank you" when they ask you to pass their barya to Manong driver inside our favorite transport, the jeepney. And I don't get it when people, who has the luxury of time, would stand in the middle of the escalator when they have to stay left to allow those in a hurry to pass. 

I react a lot and although, I still find it wrong to stay quiet when the person next to you is not behaving the way he should while in public places, I had accepted it that I cannot change the world in an instant.

Starbucks Birthday Starbucks Birthday

Sleep some more 

Blogging schedules are crazy. If you work freelance on the side, it's even crazier! But I promise myself to sleep 8 hours a day in at least 5 days a week. Everyone knows what medicine has taught us. Our body recuperates while we sleep and the recuperating is slowing down as we age. So, I'm reducing screen time and exchange it with more pillow time. 

No ITs on vacations

Itineraries are awesome when you absolutely have zero idea to a new city you're about to visit. I am used to detailed schedule when I travel that I can visit as many as five destinations and attractions in one day. But I just realized that it's crazy! It's OK to note which MRT station is the nearest and what time do museums close but other than that, my vacation calendar should just read C-H-I-L-L. :) 

Coffee over alcohol 

Sure. One bottle of beer. Just one bottle and then by 12 midnight, I am home. It's not because you no longer have the energy to do it but with more responsibilities in life, drinking-till-morning a waste of time. But I can stay up till morning if I can talk to friends who can taught me a lot of new "useful" things... and over coffee. 

Less money for stupid stuff 

Well, I've never been techie. I am not the type who would run to the next tech store to be the first person in town to own the latest model of iPhone. I own a Samsung Note 2 for crying out loud and I am happy with it if only not for Instagram. However, I have to have new shirts each time I travel. 

This part is blurry since we have different priorities and yes, walang basagan ng trip. Personally (and this is just me) I'd rather spend on paying the insurance and saving up for a new house than get the iPhone 6 Plus. I'd even rather spend PhP60,000 to travel to Japan than get that flashy phone. :) 

Realization like these don't have to wait 'till you're 29. And they can be done even if you're 50. It's all up to you and where you are in your life. 

When you're in the mood for understanding what you want in your life, make sure to pair it with a nice chocolate cake. Thanks for mine Team Starbucks! :) 

Starbucks Birthday

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