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Ibis Hotel Novena Singapore

For budget travelers, cleanliness is the first and sometimes, the only requirement for an accommodation. For those who are scheduled for short trips, what you need is a decent bathroom and comfortable sheets. But given this view of their window, Ibis Singapore Novena wants to give more. Aside from being incredibly neat, they also provide comfort and privacy. 

I travel regularly. Although not as often as other travel enthusiasts, but I will not be able to afford my next plane ticket if I would choose to stay in 5-star hotels. Well, I did a few times only to regret after since I was out the entire time. I could've used the rest of the money I paid for a luxurious accommodation in trying out more restaurants and buying local products. 

If you would choose to stay in the hotel  for the whole day, however, it wouldn't be a problem in Ibis Hotel. In Ibis- Novena, you will have a great view of the city since almost three-fourths of one side of your room is a glass window. You've never left the building but it seems like you did since the windows will provide you a great view of uptown Singapore. A 30-inch flat screen, cable TV and their fast and reliable internet connection will entertain you for the day. You can have a food trip inside your room too since you have your own mini-personal fridge.

Business travelers can take my word when I described my room's wi-fi connection to be reliable. You may have experienced intermittent internet connection in the middle of the night in some of the hotels but in Ibis, the service is consistent all-day long.

Ibis Hotel Ibis Hotel Ibis Hotel Ibis Hotel

You know why? I observed routers neatly attached at the hallway ceiling in between three to four rooms. That's an average of four to five internet routers on one floor in Ibis Singapore Novena. Being a blogger, I took three to four videos of the places I visited in one day and all were uploaded in less than 30 minutes after arriving in the hotel. I was in the mood to even edit and add music to the videos since the connection was really fast. 

If you're someone recovering from jet lag, you don't need to run to Shangri-La to have an ultra relaxing night. We arrived an hour past 12 midnight in Singapore and we were really thinking of sleeping in Changi Airport already since we were dead tired. The decision to ride a shuttle from the airport to the hotel was rewarding. We were told that the pillows in Ibis Singapore Novena custom-made with 1,200 grams of microfiber, way better than what is standard in most hotels. The sound of it is already relaxing, right? Once you're on the bed, you'll forget that you're actually in an economy hotel. 

Most of the utilities are designed for your comfort. Small things really but I know that you complain how power source are limited in some hotels. In Ibis Singapore Novena, you'll have three. One near the television, another one just beside your long table which is perfect for your laptop, and the third one just under your bedside lamp for your smartphones. You don't need to sit on the floor to upload all the best photos you took that day just because your roomie got one power source. No fighting necessary. :) 

If you're on your way to a huge business meeting and you have to look sharp, don't underestimate the hotel. You don't need to panic either. You might not see ironing equipment in your room but there's a dedicated laundry area where you can also iron your clothes. You can also call reception and request them to bring the flat iron to your room. 

Ibis Hotel Ibis Hotel Ibis Hotel Ibis Hotel Ibis Hotel

For foodies, the hotel has a restaurant on the first floor which is conveniently located across the reception. Most accommodation includes breakfast buffet, which I suggest you should avail since the selection is worth it. For diners with discerning tastes, their in-house chef has something in the menu to delight you. Steaks, salads and desserts are readily available. 

Although Singapore is generally a safe city, you'll find yourself in one of the safest streets in country. We opted to ride the MRT for our daily transport from and to the hotel and along our 8-minute walk from the Novena station are two of the best hospitals in Singapore. You'll also pass by the heavily guarded Ministry of Home Affairs, the government agency responsible for Singapore's public safety and civil defense. If that will not make you feel safe, I don't know what will. A serious reminder though. Taking of photos of the facility is strictly not allowed. Your camera might be confiscated and mind you, it's a criminal offense. So reserve your selfies somewhere else. 

Three stations away from Orchard and about 15 minutes away from the Marina Bay area, Ibis Singapore Novena is also generally accessible. You can ride the MRT, which was our choice of transport, or you can take the bus or taxi. Free shuttle service is available from the hotel to the MRT Novena and Orchard stations. And even if it's in the middle of the city, you have to trust me when I say that you'll find yourself in a peaceful district in Singapore.

The island-nation celebrates its 50th anniversary as an independent state in 2015. The Formula One and the Great Singapore Sale will be bigger and the Southeast Asian Games is underway. If Singapore is in your itinerary for your travels this year, Ibis Singapore Novena should be listed there too! :)  

Ibis Hotel

Here's a short video tour of our room. 

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