The Fifty Blurred Shades of Grey

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fifty shades of grey review

I know a lot of Fifty Shades of Grey haters. For them, the book's abysmal dialogue and perfunctory sex scenes are just non-entertaining. I even remember one say that if not for its unrestrained telling of the characters' sexual encounters, which you rarely find in novels, the book is nothing but a waste of time. But for it to be listed as a bestseller, it must be telling something right. 

It's great to know which literary works are doing wonders for the geek world and which ones are crappy. I don't read too much fiction stuff. I am an impatient person and flipping pages while waiting for climax after one million lines is not my thing. However, I love watching their movie adaptations. Since there is no comparison, I have nothing to lose. 

This afternoon, I watched Fifty Shades of Grey in a movie house full of giggling women. There were too much skin. There were too much sex, the most I've seen on the big screen. I know that one of the easy ways to overcome awkwardness is to make things look funny that's why these women overused laughter. For me, however, the movie's sexual scenes weren't awkward. They were intense. 

Dakota Johnson gave life to the female lead character Anastasia Steele with such innocent profile. Well, her words weren't exactly clueless about mature life when the story progressed but her gestures, especially the eyes and the low-tone, nearly nasal speaking voice, made the unassertive relate. Johnson looked like the perfect Ana, inexperienced but willing to learn, innocent but not ignorant. And yes, she's very pretty. Even with a non-American size, her boobs (LOL) were beautiful. 

To supply the romantic requirement of the story, she was smitten by the billionaire bachelor Christian Grey. Subconsciously, Fifty Shades of Grey is another dose of a poor-girl-getting-the-attention-of-a-rich-guy plot. Anastasia is a simple, 21-year old college senior while Christian is an incredibly wealthy and popular young entrepreneur. This is another Cinderella. Only that the ball was held in a red room full of sex toys.

There were several news on who is the rightful Christian Grey. But while a lot of famous names were filled in, I honestly think we need someone fresh. Someone who is not associated to any kind of personality. So, I think Jamie Dornan is a perfect choice, noting his not-so-popular bio which only mainstream fact includes being part of the film Marie Antoinette. More abs and more butt can help though but without being too physical, Dornan is a fine choice. 

I'm not sure what the book suggested (again, I didn't read it) but the movie presented a very polished and subdued version of Seattle. Merely because most of the scenes were in Christian's world who Anastasia profoundly described as someone "clean". The production is so sophisticated that you'll hardly realize the difference between Christian's home and office. The domination of the blue-ish palate played with the elements of glass and leather which added to the sexiness of the movie. 

In the Philippines, the local classification board gave it an R-18 grade which is understandable not mainly because of the sexual content but its glorification of the abusive relationship. But as if the R-18 slap is not enough, you'll find yourself staring at the big screen with black circles emerging out of nowhere. In some sex scenes, the black circles cover the intimate parts. Nope, not really the sexual organ itself but other areas I thought are allowed to be flashed in cinemas like the groin and the pelvic area. 

I see this as too much censorship. While I was told that the producers voluntarily placed the black circles to avoid receiving an X rating in the Philippines, I think they were forced by our still very conservative classification system. It's fine that we imposed the R-18 regulation. Let's enforce it strictly but now that we're assured that only people with the right age can see it, let's trust them the benefit of maturity. It's not because I wanna have a glimpse of Dornan's di*k (Do you mind?) but because the viewing experience suffered badly. It's a bypass of one's opportunity to rely on his or her own judgment. 

For literature fans who found the book a trash, I can tell you the movie isn't. Or maybe, it was a craftier version of a fictional garbage. I enjoyed the movie because of its boldness which should give comfort to those who don't have the freedom to express theirs. 

The film's real gems, however, are the actors. Dakota and Jamie have this amazing chemistry, something that will make you believe in love most especially if we remove the Red Room of Pain and replace it with the happy mood of Central Park. 

And my favorite part? - The awesome soundtrack. Sia, Beyonce, Ellie Goulding, Annie Lennox and Skylar Grey - how could you go wrong? 

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