Kristoffer Martin and Joyce Ching: How to work with your ex?

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How easy or difficult is it to work with your ex?

kristoffer martin and joyce ching healing hearts gma 7

It's Valentine's season and what fitting way to open another blogging month than a blog post about romance. We will not be talking about a regular love story but the real romance of teen actors Kristoffer Martin and Joyce Ching who, after a year since they ended their 3-year relationship, are back together with a new soap. 

Over lunch with bloggers, Kristoffer shared that there is no such thing as a happy breakup but his friendship with Joyce has been restored. "Siguro yung love di naman nawawala pero yung awkward moments... mga 2 months, 3 months, mga ganun. Tapos nagkakatext-text na, nagkakasama. Kunbaga, OK kami pag magkasama eh," the young actor shared.

If they're OK being together, why did they decide to part in the first place? Joyce just smiled while Kristoffer whispered: "Very personal reasons po kasi..."

kristoffer martin and joyce ching healing hearts gma 7
kristoffer martin and joyce ching healing hearts gma 7

The Kristoffer- Joyce team-up will be tested again with "Healing Hearts", an afternoon drama series originally scheduled to pilot February. More patience are required from their avid fans since the premiere was moved to April with no specific date yet. Also part of the cast are Krystal Reyes, Mickey Ferriols, Angelika dela Cruz and Tina Paner. 

The show's original title is "Tunay Na Ina" and was changed later on to "Healing Hearts". But are the hearts of Kristoffer and Joyce really healed from their break-up? "Opo. Oo naman.... Matagal nang healed actually," Joyce said. You'll be surprised how both maintained a professional relationship, taking into consideration how young both of them are. Kris is 20 while Joyce is just 19. 

Before the project was finalized, the ex-real life couple shared that they have been OK so it didn't take a long time to convince the management that their working relationship will be harmonious. "May difference siguro. We're not as close as before pero kaya naming mag usap now na parang walang nangyari," says Kristoffer.

kristoffer martin and joyce ching healing hearts gma 7
kristoffer martin and joyce ching healing hearts gma 7

They will be playing romantic partners in the soap which might be challenging, considering that they're open with the real status of their relationship. Do they think more efforts should be exerted, acting-wise to convince the public? The former ABS-CBN actor stayed positive. "Actually, tini-take advantage namin yung issue para aabangan... kung may thrill ba... kung kaya pa din ba namin."

With how comfortable they are now, are they open for another chance to be a couple again? They just looked at each other and laughed when the question was raised. It was Kristoffer who broke the awkwardness: "Open kami sa kung ano... Baka kasi mamaya kakainin namin mga salita namin. So better na wag muna magsalita ng kung ano-ano."

For their fans, they're both single which means better chances of getting back together. To close our first Valentine's article, here is a quotable line from Kristoffer: "Technically, hiwalay kami pero parang di naman siya nawala eh. Pagkatapos ng work, may time pa din naman kami na lumabas."

Two months more and we're gonna see this real-life romance in afternoon drama. Watch out for the "Healing Hearts".

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