Choosing the next Miss Philippines at Binibining Pilipinas 2015

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Five days after the Miss Universe pageant, I'm not sure if the drama has subsided. But like all things, look forward, move on. You probably have heard this in the Q&A round of a pageant (LOL) but the best thing to do now is to start looking at who will be the next Miss Universe- Philippines.

binibining pilipinas 2015
Top- most, left to right: BB21 Alaiza Flor Malinao, BB28 Hannah Ruth Sison, BB34 Teresita Ssen "Wynwyn" Marquez. Middle Row: BB10 Pia Wurtzbach, BB 30 Patricia Lae Ejercitado, BB8 Kimverlyn Suiza. Bottom Row: BB11 Janicel Lubina, BB19 Christi Lynn McGarry, BB 23 Justine Beatrice Felizarta

The same as last year, it seems we're blessed with another beautiful batch of Binibining Pilipinas candidates. We have 34 girls and around 12 of them are worthy of winning titles.

From last year's 5, Binibining Pilipinas will crown only 4 girls this year for Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Intercontinental and Miss Supranational. BPCI (Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc.) removed Tourism Queen and Tourism Universe titles this year for unknown reasons. Maybe, there is no assurance that these international pageants will be held this year. The same as Miss Tourism Queen International was cancelled in 2014 where the very gorgeous Parul Shah was scheduled to compete. 

Bumping into reigning Binibining Pilipinas- International Mary Anne Guidotti in ABS-CBN earlier, she shared that the screening was held very exclusive this year with only the panel and the candidates allowed to enter the screening room. This is to remove pressure from different "houses" (Kagandahang Flores, Aces and Queens, etc.), she said. So, the result is an objective selection of finalists. 

Me and Mary Anne also have the same sentiment that Parul is worthy of competing in an international pageant. Guidotti shared that Madame Stella promised to look for an international pageant where Parul can compete. So fellow Parul fans, let's be happy. Let's hope she will be given the chance to wear the Philippines sash. 

Meanwhile, all the interview videos of the girls are already posted on the official Binibining Pilipinas page and I bet you already saw the glam shots. As usual, I will go ahead and give you our early favorites for the pageant which will be held at the Smart- Araneta Colesium on March 15 and will be aired on ABS-CBN. 

Here are our top picks. 

1. BB28 Hannah Ruth Sison

Hannah was not in the top choices but when she opened her mouth for this interview, I changed my mind. Her natural speaker vibe is the finest in this set of contestants and with her experience (this is her third time; unplaced in 2013 and Second Runner-up in 2014), Hannah is our most improved player. She lacked the height at 5'6" but she has this strong presence in photoshoots. If not for Miss Universe, I think she'll be perfect for Miss Intercontinental. 

2. BB10 Pia Wurtzbach

While she is this year's most popular girl, Pia can't be number one. Why? She is locked for the Miss International crown. Pageant fans know that we need the Asian look for Miss Universe and Pia is too tisay for that. But who knows, we'll change strategy. It's just that it is not working for our neighbors Malaysia and Thailand. 

3. BB19 Christi Lynn McGarry

If this girl will win Universe, we have no negative reactions. She is towering at 5'9 1/2" with no heels so she'll be a six-footer when she wears a Chinese Laundry. She is physically very Filipina and but she talks like a natural American which I think is an advantage. She won Mutya Ng Pilipinas- Asia Pacific in 2010 but competed for Miss Intercontinental at the Dominican Republic when our representative withdrew. She was among the Top 15 finalists in the pageant won by a Puerto Rican. She is definitely not allowed to represent PH in Miss Intercontinental again so she'll be perfect for either Universe or Supranational. 

4. BB11 Janicel Lubina

She is gorgeous. Yes, I will not contest that and she's also tall at 5'7". But did you see the aggressiveness and the confidence? I think she was born to be our next Miss Supranational. International pageant observers say that vixens and overly confident ladies charm the Supranational judges. It is all about sultriness and Janicel is oozing with sex appeal. If she wins Miss Philippines Universe, she might need speech trainings. This is one factor that makes her perfect for a pageant with no Q&A round like Supranational. I'm not saying she is dumb. I'm just saying she is an awkward speaker. That's all. Thank you. :) 

5. BB30 Patricia Lae Ejercitado

She is a stunner but do we need an MJ Lastimosa look-alike for this year's Miss Universe. The face is different but the gestures and her ways are very MJ. With personality- trainings, she can qualify for Miss Universe but she is also perfect for Intercontinental. Is it just me or Patricia really needs a tongue-twister exercise? That body though... to die for. 

6. BB8 Kimverlyn Suiza

Just in case our judges will blunder and decides to disregard Pia again, Kimverlyn is our second bet for the Miss International crown. She has the sophistication that the slow-paced pageant requires. She also speaks well and Miss International's Q&A portion can be compared to an extemporaneous speaking contest which I think she can do well.

Other stunners

7. BB21 Alaiza Flor Malinao

8. BB23 Justine Beatrice Felizarta

9. BB12 Kylie Versoza

10. BB2 Jenny Feliz Gonzalez

11. BB34 Teresita Ssen Marquez

Not really a fan and I think she's too young for this pageant. Not because she is just 22 but she needs her ways to mature. Being an actress is definitely a plus. This interview is among the bests too that's why she made it to our list! :) 

Drop your comments!

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