2nd Anniversary Thoughts

5:33 AM

Although we are lucky to be living in the Philippines where there is tolerance for the third sex, public confessions about same sex relationships remain (for the lack of a better term)... awkward. 

I know a lot of gay friends who can't express who they are on social media. Well, sometimes because they're just really introverts. In most situations, however, they're too afraid of judgment. The painful part is most of these people are hiding the truth from their own families. Oftentimes, these are self-imposed because everyone still thinks homosexuality is not normal. 

It will take another century perhaps for the whole world to think that being gay is an absolute way of life. You know, how we have accepted that the sun rises in the east and that taxes will always exist. 

I am guilty of categorizing my own sexuality to be something, as I prefer to call it, special. Everyone in my family knows that I am gay but there is still this level of being self-conscious everytime we are with each other. If with friends belting out a Beyonce song during karaoke nights is normal, I can only pretend to be enjoying my niece's performance of "Let It Go" during family dinners. I can't just grab the microphone and pretend to be Queen Elsa. Why? Because that would be awkward.

This same level of self-censorship happens also on social media. Everyone knows your gay but posting photos of you and your boyfriend exchanging romantic gestures is far from happening. But as how Facebook aged and became more customizable, we are also seeing more people being secure of who they are. This includes me and my latest relationships. 

Before, I thought that posting a photo of me and my boyfriend hugging at the beach while waiting for sunset would be something disturbing when my male cousins would see it on their news feeds. Back in the day when you still can't hide a post to some people, I need to practice self-restraint despite feeling so excited to share to the world how beautiful that day was.

But when I started to take control of my life and I earned their trust, I got more transparent about my love life. As always, your family cares. And for me, if you have assured them that you're capable of taking care of yourself, embracing the real you will be automatic. 

As of now, my final word is for gays to practice being sensitive to others' feelings in the same manner as how we avoid hurting others in different situations. If you think your dad will be disappointed, take is slow. 

For today though, this realization is only the second reason why I consider this as one of the best days of my life. Today, me and my partner are celebrating our second anniversary. I wish we can spend more years together. For the others with the same sexual orientation as I have, my wish is for you to find the strength to be who you are and for your loved ones to acquire the capacity for sincere acceptance. 

Long live love, regardless of color. :) 

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