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Today is January 5, 2014 and as I write this, the 40th annual Metro Manila Film Festival has three more days of being shown exclusively in local cinemas. With their box office performances though, you still have the chance to watch Praybeyt Benjamin and Feng Shui even after January 7 since movie houses have the option to continue screening blockbuster MMFF entries. 

For 2014's festival, I only saw four movies. It was a great choice to watch English Only, Please and Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles. They're not really excellent movies but as far as the MMFF is concerned, we're lucky they're included. 

Jennylyn Mercado deserve the award for Best Actress. I haven't seen the other entries but her tightest competition is only Kris Aquino (Feng Shui 2). Recalling Kris's performance in the first Feng Shui, I think Jennylyn's trophy is meant for her. I also found out why Antoinette Jadaone won the Best Screenplay trophy for the movie but I am just not sure if Derek Ramsay is the right choice for Best Actor. 

English Only, Please is definitely a Best Picture material but after watching Kubot, I say the horror-turned-comedy movie deserved a higher spot. Eventually, Bonifacio won 1st Best Picture, EOP took the 2nd Best Picture award while Kubot got the 3rd Best Picture prize. Not sure about Bonifacio but between EOP and Kubot, I think the latter is a better movie. Also, Erik Matti (Kubot) is more deserving of the Best Director award than Dan Villegas (English Only, Please). 

Well, so much for different preferences but I think we all agree that it was a decent MMFF. With controversies close to nothing, I think we are getting better at this. 

Let me share some photos from the MMFF Parade of Stars that I was able to attend for the first time last December. This is for you local movie fans. :)

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