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I've been swamped with events and writing assignments for weeks now and I have a hard time catching up with all the backlogs. But here's one thing that should be a priority. Something that could benefit the kids in Aklan. 

A month ago, I joined Globe in their campaign to collect old phones and send them to TES-AMM Philippines for recycling. One hundred percent of the proceeds will be used by Globe to build new schools in Aklan that were destroyed by typhoon Yolanda. Sounds pretty straightforward but collecting your pre-loved mobile phones is quite a challenge. 

So, I am posting about Project 1 Phone today to inform you guys that the campaign is still ongoing. I will encourage you to get those mobile phone from your baul or wherever your storing your high school phones you mainly used for playing snakes and start dropping them in authorized collection booths. 

What kind of phones? Anything! Any electronic devices from your non-colored phones, your beepers, to your walkman devices can be donated to raise money for this cause. How can old, non-operational phones raise money? TES-AMM Philippines will use the parts, mostly non-biodegradable so you know they're harmful to the environment, to make something that will be significant to the current market. They will pay Globe and Globe will use all the funds to build schools.

With me so far? So, where can you send these devices? You can bring your old phones to participating Globe stores. We have one at the second floor in Greenbelt 4, at the CyberZone in SM Megamall, and in TriNoma. People based in the provinces can very much participate in this campaign as we have participating outlets from as far north in Tuguegarao all the way down to Abreeza Mall in Davao. Check out the complete list of participating outlets here: Globe Project 1 Phone

PBB All-in Housemate Jayme Jalandoni and freelance makeup artist Ara Fernando

Fashion blogger Rhea Bue of I Am The Doll and Food blogger Jill Bantang of The Food Scout 

To jumpstart the awareness for this campaign, your favorite bloggers and other TV, radio, print and online personalities participated in a photo shoot to encourage everyone to join the campaign. I collected some images and posted it here including mine of course. :)

So, please, start recalling where you stored your phones and deliver them now to participating Globe stores. This very simple task can already provide a very huge positive impact to the lives of the students in Aklan. Join Globe #Project1Phone now!

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