Behind the scenes at Startalk's 19th Year Episode

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Is watching showbiz-oriented shows one of your pastimes every weekend? If yes, I could somehow relate. Back when life was not complicated for me, weekend afternoon snacks are always paired with blind items, Fashion "tigbaks", crying actors and fans screaming for their favorite love teams. 

Although we've seen the decline of the number of showbiz-oriented shows, we see some survive and counted years on TV. Several years for Startalk's case which celebrated its 19th year on TV on October 1. If Wikipedia is accurate and if my calculations are right, the show aired its 982nd episode today, November 15, 2014. 

heart evangelista startalk 19 anniversary

A few online writers were given the chance to get a preview of what it is like behind the scenes in Startalk. I will post here some images which you might have seen in last week and today's episodes. 

The highlight of our visit was an interview with one of the show's hosts, Heart Evangelista. The sophisticated bride-to-be took time to sit down and talk with the bloggers to share about her hosting experiences as well as details of her wedding with Senator Chiz Escudero. 

2015's could-be wedding of the year will be celebrated in two venues, Heart revealed. The ceremony in Balesin Island in Quezon Province will accommodate 150 guests while the actress shared that they may invite as many as 1,300 guests for the Manila reception. "Ako mga 300. Siya... 1,000 (laughs). Madami siya, ako konti pero expected naman. Madami magtatampo if di i-invite." 

For those who are looking forward to what Heart will wear, we can expect nothing but grand for the actress as she named her two designers; Hollywood A-list designer Monique Lhuillier and Dubai-based Filipino couturier Ezra Santos. The dresses will coincide with the wedding's theme which Heart described as "very clean, white and simple." "Malinis lang, simple lang. Ayoko masyadong madaming crystals... Gold... Nowadays, you need to be practical about money so we chose to be simple lang ang gagawin pero maganda." 

heart evangelista startalk 19 anniversary
heart evangelista startalk 19 anniversary

For the excited fans who want to witness one of the most anticipated weddings on national TV, the actress shared that they are still thinking about it. When asked for her reaction on netizens comparing GMA 7's coverage on her wedding and Marian Rivera's, Heart only has this to say: "To be honest, in the beggining it affected me. Parang... I am such a people pleaser. I want everyone to be happy... But there comes a point you really can't do so much. And you gotta accept that everyone will have their own opinion about whoever they idolizes. I just have to understand," the TV host said. 

In my Instagram post shortly after the interview, I captioned that Heart was "initially disappointed." I also quoted the actress in a short off-cam chat when our interview was interrupted and she was rushing to do a spiel for Startalk, she said: "But well, you gotta learn to accept that the network has plans." This was met with unpleasant reactions by fans of Marian Rivera. 

I have to say that "disappointed" might be too much of a word when I interpreted Heart's answer. "Initially disappointed" might not be synonymous to "in the beggining it affected me". With how fast the movements at the set are and with all the noise around, I may have misconstrued Heart when she meant she was affected about the comparison and not really about GMA's coverage. 

I regret with where my own perception brought me there. However, it would be out of my control if other websites and tabloids came up with their own creative handles about the issue. Such as when Adodo Talk crushed out the word "disappointed" to change it to "jealous." For the record though and this may not be parallel to what Heart said at the opener of Startalk's November 15 episode, that question was asked. You can refer to this the same video that she was referring to in the show: YouTube

I had the chance to interview both Heart and Marian, with Marian also gracefully answering questions with Richard Gutierrez about her new show then, The Extra Challenge. I can say that both ladies are straightforward about their thoughts.

heart evangelista startalk 19 anniversary
heart evangelista startalk 19 anniversary

Heart even provided a smart answer to my very premature question. I asked her if she's ready to be first lady since Senator Chiz is among the favorites to be President, Heart disclosed "Nakakakaba yung idea." "It's beautiful if you think of what you can do to help," she added. "Kung ano man ang para sa akin, I will support him 100%. Kung hindi rin, masaya na din ako. I also look forward to that quiet life, normal life." 

On seeing herself to be in politics one day, Heart shunned the idea. "Artista ka or even if you're not an artista, nowadays there is awareness. You can volunteer. You can help if you want to help." 

It is safe to say that like Butch Fransisco, Joey de Leon, Lolit Solis and of course, Ricky Lo who earned their places at the country's "only showbiz authority", Heart can make up a good host too. Even if her husband-to-be is in a significant position in the government, the actress declared that her opinions were never limited. "We have that freedom in the relationship. That's why I think it works," she said. "Wala talaga siyang parang 'O kailangan ganito ang sasabihin mo.' He respects my opinion." 

Looks like we are ready for more interesting shows with Heart in the Startalk panel. A few lessons after this experience though, and this is for myself and I share to the fans and showbiz writers, to not immediately jump into conclusions. Also, in showbiz, there is no room for too much honesty. 

Happy 19th Anniversary Startalk! 

heart evangelista startalk 19 anniversary

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