Music Night with Edward Benosa

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Along the narrow streets of Panay Avenue in Quezon City, me and some blogger friends were stuck in the middle of the rain. We anticipated EDSA to be dreadful and with the time approaching 9 o'clock, malls in the area were about to close. What a melodramatic start, right? But there's more drama to this post. More dramatic songs at that. 

We remember an invite from Cinemalaya stalwart Arnold Reyes to go checkout a talented artist that he is managing. Fortunately, we were just two blocks away from 8th Note Studios were this upcoming artist was recording the new songs for his album. 

If you've seen Kasal, you'll know Arnold Reyes. He is the lawyer in a troubled gay relationship in Cinemalaya's Best Film for Director's Showcase. Prior to doing indie films, Arnold is a huge name in the songwriting circuit. His song "Paano Na?", which was interpreted by Bituin Escalante, was second at the Metropop Song Festival in 2000. With that you can conclude that he knows music. It would be nice to see that he juggling both his first love and acting. 

Upon reaching 8th Note, we were greeted by a husky rendition of The Script's "The Man Who Can't Be Moved". With a tone resembling that of Michael Bolton's and with the pitch of Danny O'Donoghue, I thought this new guy will be someone interesting. The word new there might be relative. You've definitely seen him on TV. He is Edward Benosa. 

Does the name ring a bell? He auditioned live in the first season of The Voice of the Philippines singing Bruno Mars' love martyrdom anthem "It Will Rain". The coaches were just being overly strategic that time I think but if he will do it again, I'm sure Edward can make all 4 chairs turn. His charming smiles also graced the stage of the fifth season of Starstruck. With all the experiences, we know that Edward is just waiting for the perfect timing to experience stardom. He deserves it. And with the videos below, I think you will agree. 

So, while waiting for the rain to stop and for the streets of EDSA to be friendly to us, Edward staged an intimate, sort of unplugged performance for us. Below are the videos. Enjoy! :) 

Edward wrote the next two songs himself when he was brokenhearted from a relationship three years ago. "Paglisan" and "Why Didn't You Stay" will be part of his new album.

Edward inked a deal with Star Records and he is releasing his new studio album by the end of the year. It will include other original compositions that he wrote himself. As soon as the album is out, The Lifestyle Hub will surely update you. For now, you can go back to the videos and play it over and over again. 

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