Learning to do my own laundry with tips from Cheska Kramer and Chef Bruce

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The moment I left home to get my own space, my very first major problem was laundry. My mom could probably be the town's best laundry master that I am so used to very clean clothes. During my first week in my own apartment, I knew that I had to have downgraded expectations for a laundry shop nearby. That means, whites might not be that sparkling clean anymore and stains may not be totally removed. 

Laundry has to be part of our social life. When we go to parties or perform our daily duties at work, these all start with taking a bath and choosing our outfits. Most of the times, we have an idea of what to wear the moment we get off the bed. As soon as we open the closet to change though, sometimes, our plans change. It's either we found a different shirt or the clothes that we wanted are still in the laundry basket. The latter is really annoying. 

electrolux laundry tips with cheska garcia kramer

Seven years after being separated from home, I am still getting the services of laundry shops. I have been told by friends that getting a washing machine could be better for me. I know that washing machines have better technology these days which would give me total control of how I want my clothes to be washed. But I just don't have the patience to do a very heavy weekly routine. I need more research I think. And some more convincing. 

I was introduce my our good friends from Electrolux to two personalities who have been unselfish of providing me information about the art of cleaning clothes. First is Chef Bruce Lim, a celebrity chef from Asian Food Channel's "The Boss", who should know how tough kitchen stains are and celebrity mom Cheska Garcia whose parenting experiences include making her family look sharp with ultra clean clothes. 

I got the chance to email my questions to these personalities and luckily, I got straightforward responses. The first question I ask is, of course, how to lighten up the laundry load and not think that it is such a daunting chore. Chef Bruce shares that it's best to own a washing machine with an excellent timer system. "It is easy! Just pop it in and set the timer. While the load is in, you can do other things. When the timer beeps, add another load and go back to what you're doing," he said.

On the other hand, Cheska, the matriarch of the social media giant Team Kramer, founds laundry to be therapeutic. "I find it relaxing! It's a matter of organizing and scheduling your laundry so it's not so tasking.Organizing like knowing what to put in your laundry and then scheduling it." 

electrolux laundry tips with cheska garcia kramer

Oftentimes, I am so frustrated with how stains stay after clothes are being delivered from the laundry shop. If it's a challenge for those doing laundry as a business, how much more for me?! Chef Bruce shared to me a secret. "Spit on it! Your saliva will break down the food. Pop it in the washer after." It sounds ewww but it makes sense since saliva is responsible for the first part of food digestion in our bodies. 

Mrs. Kramer, on the other hand, would like us to find out the kind of stain first. "Try to take it out with your ordinary detergent. There are also fabric conditioners and washers that you can already buy that can help you manage the stains. In fact, there are even household things that you can find like baking soda and calamansi that you can use to remove stains." I just found out that laundry is also about being resourceful!

This is just first of my series of blogs about laundry. Laundry is a science as it is a part of fashion and lifestyle so we all need to know how to do it right. This the first of the Electrolux Save and Share Blog Series which is part of the Electrolux Delightful-E campaign aimed at helping moms save not just money but also their precious time by making their everyday tasks delightfully simple and easy.

For more information on the Electrolux Save and Share Blog Series, visit www.facebook.com/thelittlewhitebook or follow @ElectroluxPH on Twitter and Instagram. 

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