Letting Go of Clothes We No Longer Use

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As what I mentioned in the first part of this Electrolux Share and Save Blog Series (Learning to do my own laundry with tips from Cheska Kramer and Chef Bruce) it wasn't a smooth- sailing relationship between me and laundry. Well, it is still a chore. To most of us, at least. But with the advent of awesome technology like the magnificent washers of Electrolux and with some people who are willing to teach us what they know, Cheska Garcia- Kramer and Chef Bruce Lim to mention a few, laundry is becoming a stress- free activity. 

But with more responsibilities and more activities, you need more clothes. More clothes mean more time needs to be reserved for laundry. For me who attends several blogging events, twice or more in a single day sometimes, the laundry basket at the apartment gets filled easily in 5 days. Not only is it a challenge for me to send clothes to the laundry shop, it is also a huge work to arrange them back in the closet. 

electrolux save and share blog series tips on how to donate clothes

Earlier today, I was looking at my clothes piled inside the cabinet. I am being proud of this part of my OCD as my clothes are neatly piled but I am not sure if all my efforts are worth it. I only use roughly less than half of my clothes! And if I will let go of some, there would be less work and more space in this cabinet. But which one to let go? 

We are a country of so many calamities and it would always be nice to give back. Clothes are the second most wanted goods after food and water when typhoons ravage some parts of our country. Survivors need jackets and comfortable t-shirts but aren't these items among the most special pieces of clothing for us. I am not sure about you but I am so attached to my jackets and sleeping t-shirts. Unlike party clothes and other fancy attires, I am in this very comfortable shirts most of the time!

Blogger Janice Crisostomo Villanueva of www.mommymundo.com admits that she finds this task difficult too. "I am a very sentimental person and I find that the clothes of my children are the ones that are hardest to part with. In my attic, I have a plastic box of clothes that hold memories. It contains Coby's fave baby onesie with paw prints, Zach's skateboard tee and Reese's first little dress," she shares. But how does she convince her self to let go of these items? 

"I wanted other kids to make use of the clothes. As hard as it was, I chose just a few items per child and gave away the rest. Sometimes, I tale pictures of the items just to remember them through soft files."

electrolux save and share blog series tips on how to donate clothes

Chef Bruce Lim, on the other hand, a celebrity chef from the Asian Food Channel, had a very special black SF Giants hoodie which his wife gave away. "I felt like a part of me died. She gave it away because she hated it. I had it for almost 12 years," he disclosed. Chef Bruce is happy though thinking that his black hoodie is making someone comfortable now, especially during days with bad weather. 

How much clothes do we really need? It's great if we can wear a particular item once a month but there are clothes that we even forget.  We will only wear them if we see them in that dark, hidden part of the closet. Instead of seeing the quality of this shirts and special jeans fade while unused, it's best if we let others be comfortable with it. That way we are doing our self a favor with lesser work in cleaning our closets while also helping others. Everybody happy! 

Thanks for joining me in this Electrolux Share and Save Blog Series. Until our next project. Gotta go now. I still have some clothes to pack. :) 

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