Music jamming with Kylie Padilla for her new album 'Seasons'

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kylie padilla seasons album
True to her soap character "Adarna", Kylie has beauty and voice. 

I have to be honest. Matinee idols turned recording artists are not my favorites. In a country of amazing singers, it's sad to know that our soap opera stars are the ones being signed up for an album. Oh well, we have our buying habits to blame for this safe marketing strategy. 

To be fair, there are some who can act first and then sing later. Jennylyn Mercado and KC Concepcion are best examples. Nice to know that their rare breed has a beautiful addition. We can welcome Kylie Padilla to this elite group.

Here's the music video of the carrier single of Kylie's album, "Gitara". 

I was surprised that this girl can sing. Well, her cousin Daniel Padilla kind of surprised me too with his endearing vocals skills. Kylie's voice is not the amateur singing contest type. We can't force her to sing "Narito Ako" the Regine Velasquez way. Her distinct, soft pop/ rock vocal characteristic, however, is enough to give her a recording career. 

Not to mention this girl can write songs too. Of the 8 original tracks included in her album, emphasis on the word ORIGINAL, Kylie wrote five tunes. My personal favorite is "Lonely Without You" which had this catchy melody. I got an LSS when me and my fellow bloggers listened to her entire album while we were braving the bad traffic from GMA Network in Quezon City to CCP in Manila on a rainy afternoon.

Kylie gives bloggers a sample of her song "Alive". 
Video by Ely Valendez

The albums carrier single is "Gitara" which is the only belting song in the album. Kylie can hit big notes, yes, but the more appealing part of her singing are the soft spots. I hope her producers can recognize that. Also included in the tracklist are "Awake", "Mine", "Thank You", "Seasons", "Sulat" and "Alive".

The album is now available in music stores nationwide and you can also download the track on iTunes. Let's give this pretty girl a chance at music. I assure you that her album will make up an excellent OST for a long weekend drive to the province.

kylie padilla seasons album

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