One morning with Nice Day Coffee and a viral video

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I am a coffee drinker but I hate slimming drinks. There is just something about the smell and the taste. The very reason why I drink coffee is because I find it delicious and I love its aroma. I heard of Nice Day Coffee before but I declined to purchase it because of the words "Slim" and "Cleanse" in its packaging. 

However, in one of those random grocery activities that me and my partner love to do, I found myself picking up three boxes of Nice Day Coffee. My partner was giving me a confused look when I was reading the box catalog of its three variants. 

Nice day coffee ellen adarna viral video
I am in the mood for reading back issues of my favorite magazine
Thanks Nice Day Coffee!

The purple one is for slimming. The box says it contains CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) fat burner, L-Carnitine and Fiber which should help me manage by "healthier" tummy. The come-on part is that CLA specializes in shrinking the stored fat around the abdomen (belly fat) and thigh. Such magic words, right? So, I opted to try it. 

The green variant is the Cleanse. I also drink a lot of soda and eat a lot of salty food. I figured, a little fiber drink might help. The healthy terms I read on the box which I found beneficial to me are Ganoderma (combats cancer cell growth and proliferation), Grape Seed (aids to improve blood circulation in the cardiovascular system), Goji Berry (rich in nutrients and anti-aging properties), Cranberry (safeguards the kidneys from disorders), Sylimarin (repairs and prevents damage of the liver), and Coconut Sugar (natural sweetener which prevents diabetes and heart diseases among others). How can I say no to these selling propositions?

Nice day coffee ellen adarna viral video

Nice day coffee ellen adarna viral video

Nice day coffee ellen adarna viral video

The blue box, on the other hand, is the White. This is the least of what I want right now but some Glutathione can help. This variant of Nice Day Coffee contains Gluthatione and Collagen that radiates and lightens the skin. With different "specializations", I chose to get a box of each kind. 

Call it mental side effects, but I felt relaxed after drinking one Cleanse coffee this morning. I was able to read back issues of magazines which I never really had the chance before. I was also able to visit my Facebook timeline for today's trending news. Aside from Robbin Williams' death, something viral on YouTube got my attention. 

Not sure if you've watched this already but have you seen this banned TV commercial of Ellen Adarna? 

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With that, I wish we will all have a NICE DAY! (",) 

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