Tom Cruise is back via the clever and gripping 'The Edge of Tomorrow'

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the edge of tomorrow tom cruise review rating

After watching The Edge of Tomorrow, a friend asked me. "Which one is better, Maleficent or Tom Cruise's movie?" It did not make sense. Aside from catering to different markets, you just can't compare a reinvented fairy tale movie to a sci-fi adventure flick. But if in case you have not seen both movies yet, I'd say choose Tom Cruise over Angelina Jolie. You'll be treated to an innovative, sometimes humorous and pulse-racing action movie that never runs of steam. 

Though the winged Angelina outclassed the robotic Mr. Cruise in the US Box Office for the weekend July 8- 10, 2014 (#2 Maleficent- $34,328,264; #3 Edge of Tomorrow- $28,760,246), Hollywood's ultimate heartthrob crawled back to superstar status in what could be his best performance in recent years. He was daring in Rock of Ages and sharp in Jack Reacher but inside his exoskeletons in this alien movie, he bridged ferocity and funny effectively. I bet the girls can't deny that the 52-year-old actor is still an eye candy even if he is covered with a robotic armor.

the edge of tomorrow tom cruise review rating

Meanwhile, from being a fashionable villain in The Devils Wears Prada to being a hopelessly romantic geek in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, our memory of Emily Blunt will be renewed with her super heroine appeal in The Edge of Tomorrow. With her character not laid out to become your typical leading lady, Blunt did not just rely on her attractive British accent this time. At first, you'll think she's too neat and dainty to be in an action movie. It turns out she can be enormously convincing as an action hero and she matched Cruise's pace. Even with just a brief romantic moment, you can only agree that they had chemistry. 

With hundreds of alien movies released, we've already seen their most creative physical interpretation but I have never seen a species as massively damaging as how they are in this movie. Yes, we can stretch our creativity in illustrating alien characters but what the team made here helped pushed the tone of the movie to fast-paced. The battle sequences are not the lengthy type because the story need them to be that way but if you need the rush, The Edge of Tomorrow can undoubtedly give you that.

the edge of tomorrow tom cruise review rating

The movie's biggest charm is how simple the premise is. Without giving you a spoiler, the NATO military are in a battle with the Mimics (the aliens) but it's very challenging to win since the aliens can reset time using the omega. The focus now shifted to destroying it. The movie started slow and it was a challenge to enjoy its first 15 minutes. The pace picked up when the clever scenes started. 

The Edge of Tomorrow gave me a thrilling good time. Cruise pleading Blunt not to kill him (watch the movie and you'll find out why) is rather amusing. With solid performances, unconventional storytelling and brisk action sequences which is softened with a touch of comedy, I hope I was able to justify why you need to watch The Edge of Tomorrow first over Maleficent. Or over X-Men and Godzilla if those films are in your choices. 

Photos are courtesy of Warner Bros. Philippines. 

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