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Global brand Ferring Pharmaceuticals is finally here in the Philippines to help save the lives of mothers

You prolly notice that I have been writing mostly about entertainment, events, food and travels in here but there is this other part of lifestyle that I need to share to everyone today. I just read about the news on the Philippines recording one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. To be specific, 230 out of 100,000 Filipinas die while giving birth or with complications brought by unhealthy pregnancy. This is alarming and so I felt the need to raise awareness.

I bet all of us know how important pregnancy is. We all exist in this world because our mothers gave birth to us. But to emphasize further on how beautiful it is and how brave our mothers are, I collected some of the best baby bump photos and added some helpful information to protect our future and existing mothers.

ferring pharmaceuticals in the philippines
Photo by Kevin Beasley
The best way to assure a healthy pregnancy is by taking the right medication. For sure a lot of brands has been referred to you by loved ones but a major name has arrived in the Philippines. The Ferring Pharmaceuticals just launched their Philippine headquarters in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Ferring extends their commitment to address the growing concerns on pregnancy-related deaths via medicines and drugs that are backed by the company's extensive research and development efforts. 

ferring pharmaceuticals in the philippines
Photo by Michelle Scotti
Spearheading the launch of Ferring Pharmaceuticals' Philippine launch is no less than the president of their Executive Board, Michel Pettigrew. He is also the CEO of Ferring Holding US, the company's largest subsidiary, and is responsible for all commercial and development activities in the US. Needless to say, pregnant and soon-to-be-pregnant Filipinas are and will be in good hands. 

ferring pharmaceuticals in the philippines
Photo by Bridget Corke
During the launch, Michel Pettigrew shared that a major part of their plans is to work alongside the Department of Health (DOH) to address the rising maternal mortality rates in the country. They will also actively promote their breakthrough products to top medical institutions in the city. Ferring Pharmaceuticals is ready to offer some of their most notable products from their roster that directly inhibits causes of deaths among pregnant women such as hemorrhage following a caesarean section and pre-term birth which are considered the most pressing reasons of deaths among mothers in the country. 

ferring pharmaceuticals in the philippines
Photo by Paige Green
Aside from Reproductive Health, Ferring also aims to address problems of fertility among couples. They have products that affect key factors to conceiving such as ovulation and the overall well-being of a mom-to-be. For now, efforts of Ferring Philippines will be focused on Metro Manila hospitals but ongoing talks with the DOH assures that the company's life-saving products in Reproductive Health will reach the provinces in the next three years. For more information, log on to 

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