NOAH: A Twisted Adaptation with Impressive Visuals

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When we heard the story of the Ark of Noah in Bible class while we were in grade school, we imagined how a flooded world would look like. But if you think Noah is a good material for an extended religion talk inside the movie house, think again. To those who have invested so much on this part of their Catholic faith, the fictionalized version will come offensive as it was told dark and radical.

noah the movie review

As mentioned in the Genesis, the representation of God's recreation of the world by flooding the Earth for 370 days has been one of the unforgettable Biblical pieces. The Catholic Church doesn't want us to believe that it really happened. They want us to get our own moral of the story. For me, it is about the gift of life paired with the responsibility to be good and to do good.

But while I was excited to finally have a moving picture of how the deluge would have happened, I was greeted by opening sequences which seemed to be a science documentary. The ending felt the same. I understood that it was Darren Aronofsky's way of stitching a piece of literature coherent to what the Bible said and what his writers want to say but the approach is not for everyone's pleasure. It started weird for me, however it will guide the audience to the endless wonders of how the universe came to what it is today. 

Russell Crowe (Noah) is reliable as usual and so does Jennifer Connelly (Nameeh). But while the veteran actors, including Anthony Hopkins (Methuselah), maintained the Biblical integrity of the film, Hermione Granger and Percy Jackson took me to a different era. Not maybe their fault but Emma Watson (Il-la) and Logan Lerman (Ham) performed almost exactly the same as how they were in their previous blockbusters. Their presence may be considered ice breakers but casting both for me was more of a letdown.

noah the movie review

noah the movie review

Then there is the incredibly handsome Douglas Booth whose long hair and bone structure can make a young Jesus Christ. His good looks breathed something pleasant to a movie backgrounded by torture, fear and darkness but that's going to be all for him. His performance was the extreme opposite of his beautiful face. It was a bad idea to get him as Prince Charming in Romeo and Juliet. But picking him as Shem is worse.

Though there are tiny moments where the visuals look like a giant video game, the choice of images was quite brilliant for a story that has installed a lot of expectations from those who learned about it. You'll feel the panic when the deluge came. It gave me the satisfying fear in realizing that yes, God can make it happen if we will continue to be bad boys and girls. The ark was built as how I imagined it and the swarming of the animals from the forest to the ark was cinematic as it was equally truthful to the Biblical verses. 

If am a parent, I will not bring my kids to watch the movie. There's just so much explaining to do. The violent scenes could be overwhelming. If you're not ready to strip yourself from what you learned in Values Education, the symbols of cruelty and selfishness are morally painful. 

However, if you have detached yourself from your religious readings, Noah is an outstanding cinematic piece. For all its worth, the movie has assured its value by lighting up something that entertains all of us - intrigue.

noah the movie review

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