Big Words From The Babies of Afternoon Prime

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"The Half Sisters" cast: Andre Paras, Thea Tolentino and Derrick Monasterio. 
The afternoon soap pilots on Monday, June 9, after Eat Bulaga. 

They could be the youngest cast to fill an afternoon show after "Ang TV", but the four leads of GMA 7's "The Half Sisters" are showing us that they're ready for a tight ratings contest after uttering huge comments during their show's bloggers conference last Friday. 

For soap opera newcomer Andre Paras, their new show is unfazed even if it's up against afternoon's current number top-rater "Moon of Desire". "The Half Sisters" is set to replace "Villa Quintana" starting June 9 and they will be sharing the same timeslot with ABS-CBN's sexy drama. "Why show lust when we can show kilig," says the 6'4" basketball heartthrob who stole the public's attention after his promising acting debut in the movie "Ang Diary ng Panget". "Their genre is different and I think we have our own market. Their show is that mature and ours is a bit youthful but there is also this mix of real family problems sa show namin. I'd like to say it is the show for everyone," Andre commented further.

Andre Paras: "Why show lust when we can show kilig?"

Derrick Monasterio, meanwhile, said that he is showing more depth in his acting for "The Half Sisters". "I have tried heavy drama in Anna Karenina but this time, there is a touch of sexiness in my character," Derrick shared. The 18 year-old actor who has grown facial hairs and has shifted to a more strenuous gym activity promised the audience that he is showing a different side of him. Derrick admitted that he was surprised to see one scene in "Moon of Desire" where one of its cast (Dominique Roque) was naked in a shower scene. "Nagulat ako. Then I realized, actors have this responsibility to their characters." When asked if he can do the same, he said: "Topless siguro po muna... Pero pag isipan ko." 

Derrick Monasterio: "Topless siguro po muna..."

For Thea Tolentino, a massive change is also happening. You've seen her as the sweet and grounded protagonist in "Anna Karenina" and "Pyra: Ang Babaeng Apoy" but in "The Half Sisters", Thea is the kontrabida. For the Protege Female Grand Winner, being a villain is a risk she is willing to take. "Handa na po ako manampal, magmura at magmaldita," the 17-year old actress shares with a laugh. 

Thea Tolentino:"Handa na po ako manampal, magmura at magmaldita."

Sharing lead credits with Andre Paras, Derrick Monasterio and Thea Tolentino is Barbie Forteza. Adding experience to the young lead cast are their experienced supporting actors, Ryan Eigenmann, Jomari Yllana, Pinky Marquez, Mel Soriano, JC Tiuseco and Jean Garcia. Catch the pilot episode of The Half Sisters on June 9, Monday, after Eat Bulaga. 

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