A Big Beef Rib Burp at Uncle Cheffy

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uncle cheffy food

The term ribs in fine dining refers to the less meaty part of the chops often cooked as a slab (not being cut into separate ribs). This is the most requested part by heavy eaters for it holds the less fatty portions of the meat. Uncle Cheffy got all the requirements checked right on my first slice of their Memphis Barbecue U.S. Beef Rib Finger. The serving was right for one hungry blogger and it was cooked perfectly. The rest is a happy case of a great dining experience! :) 

Call my taste to be very Filipino but I'd like my meat well done. I don't like a tiny hint of animal blood on my food. Maybe because I am not a full-pledge meat eater. I'd like to forget that what I'm devouring on is actually an animal! Uncle Cheffy's U.S Beef Rib was all cooked. The marble potatoes and the sauce topped it all with my desired savoury taste. 

uncle cheffy food
The Memphis Barbecue U.S. Beef Rib Finger

uncle cheffy food
The Uncle Cheffy Favorites

I preferred to skip rice that day and get pizza instead. My impression of Uncle Cheffy is that it's an exclusively pizza store. It would be fitting that I order pizza, right? I got oven dried tomatoes, mushroom garlic, anchovy, chili flakes and basil on top a thin layer of melted cheese. They call it the Uncle Cheffy Favorites which gave me my perfect fix of carbs.

How else would my meal be complete but to get some mouthwatering desserts. The first plate contained the Cheffy Cheesecake. While it looked humble compared to other cheesecakes served in other restaurants, the Cheffy Cheesecake would be one of the bests that I've tasted. Forget about too much sweetness, this version just understood the need for sugar to be subtle sometimes. The not-so-moist texture of the Cheffy Cheesecake was also a pleasant contrast from the way cheesecakes are baked.

uncle cheffy food
Cheffy Cheesecake

uncle cheffy food
Panna cotta with Ube Vichyssoise

Not contented with one dessert, I got a Panna cotta. Uncle Cheffy introduced me to Vichyssoise (pronounced vi-chi-swaz). By concept, it's a thick soup made of pureed leeks, onions, potatoes and chicken stock. In Uncle Cheffy's version, the soup was chilled and instead of onions and potatoes, pureed ube was used to blend with the dessert. It was a welcome addition to the panna cotta which just melts inside your mouth so delightfully. 

You might want to consider visiting Uncle Cheffy on your next food adventure. Aside from the dishes and desserts we tried, the restaurant has more than 50 other recipes on their menu which should all satisfy your cravings. As what Uncle Cheffy has taught me today, they don't just serve you the best brick oven panizza. They can draw satisfaction to whatever your heart and tummy desire, may it be meat or sweet. :)

uncle cheffy food

Photo by John Mark Calderon of www.trip2happylife.blogspot.com

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