The Unmasking of Joseph Marco

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Our cover boy steps out from his mysterious character by boasting boldness on role choices, on his magazine spreads, on the ramp and with his on-screen love affairs

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His is one of those strongly masculine faces that is paired up with dashing and polished dressed up styles we see on magazine covers. We never see him groove to any of Vice Ganda's dance crazes nor do we see him utter an unscripted joke on live TV. We are captured by his mysterious aura but somehow we hoped that there is a perfect time to crack the wall down. Joseph Marco, 25, has recognized that and he is slowly opening up. 

From the sexy Raymond Sandoval in Sabel to the very sharp Leandros Panaligan in Hwag Ka Lang Mawawala, it is surely a giant leap to a different persona for Joseph Marco when he wears big t-shirts and talks like a 5 year-old kid while portraying the role of Elai Galang in Honesto. "Excited ako kasi somehow nakita nila ang versatility ko as an actor," says Marco during an exclusive interview with this blogger at the set of Honesto in Boystown, Marikina City. "Thankful ako na sa akin pinaubaya 'tong character na 'to kasi ang dami namang puwedeng gumawa sa role. Di pa naman ako ganun katagal (in showbiz). Nakakagulat that I made it appear easy." 

Coming up with a portrayal as a childish teenager is not going to be the ceiling for Joseph. He is also ready to go all the way for a beautiful role, even including intimate scenes with another man. A self-confessed ex-homophobic, he shared how working with gays in commercial modeling and in showbiz has opened up his mind upon understanding the third sex. "I understand now how they feel, how they fall in love so it would be a beautiful role to do. But not now. Maybe in the next few years siguro." 

Photo from JCMWalkers

With several naked scenes in Sabel and topless magazine spreads, Joseph recognizes that the gay group is among his most avid supporters. "I have a lot of gay friends now that I am in showbiz. They are the ones who are appreciative of what I do. Thankful ako for that and I consider that a blessing." Joseph is quick in adding though that what he can only offer is genuine friendship and nothing more. 

The actor revealed how an indecent proposal ruined a beautiful friendship between him and a trusted colleague when the latter became aggressive in wooing him. "When I was in modeling, mas bold ang mga tao dun na mag-propose compared now na artista nako. May friend ako na gusto nga ako ligawan. Nasira yung friendship namin." He is also thankful of his new status as a visible TV actor as it freed him from more indecent proposals. 

For those who can't get enough of Joseph's sexiness, the actor revealed that he is game for another Cosmo bash in the next editions. "Not this year siguro, pahinga muna but Cosmo was really an exciting experience. It's fulfilling to see how the audience reacts and it was also a challenge paano i-maintain yung ganung level ng enthusiasm nila the entire time I was on stage. Kaya the black briefs and panty thing was a really great idea para ma-entertain sila." (You can watch Joseph's Cosmo performance here). He is also gearing up for another Bench fashion show this year, which he said, will be an exhibition of more skin compared to what he did previously.

Photo shot by The Lifestyle Hub during yesterday Honesto set visit

Adding more to Joseph's mysterious personality are his short-lived romantic team-ups with his leading ladies. He was part in a love triangle with the late AJ Perez and Jessy Mendiola in Sabel, the closest he had for a love team. There was a blossoming romance between him and fellow Kapamilya talent Empress last year but it was not carried over to a TV or a movie project. 

But if tasked to identify what is his ideal leading lady, Joseph gave an unpopular answer. "Gusto ko yung parang manang. I'd love a toned down girl na di masyadong kikay and very simple lang. Ayoko kasi ng malandi," Joseph shared with a laugh. It's because of this that Joseph is not linked to a lot of girls in showbiz. He considers Empress as his only celebrity crush but he said he doesn't mind having a permanent romantic affair on-screen. 

May it be reaching a new found maturity in acting, being more confident of his physique or being romantically and permanently linked to someone for his projects, Joseph Marco thinks that his 4 years in show business has required him to open up. You may find mysterious guys sexy but for actors, a little reinvention is sexier. 

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