Impressive scale & unrelenting action, 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' is Marvel's best

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Who is sexier? Captain America in his tank top or the mysterious image of the Winter Soldier? It's a tough call. But who says Captain America: The Winter Soldier is all about Chris Evans's physique or Sebastian Stan's effective ploy of anonymity?

Convincingly better than the first, the Captain America sequel took the superhero genre to a different level with a bold plot, extremely elaborate fight sequences, a dozen of cliffhangers, and the addition of well-played characters by Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie, Robert Redford and Samuel L. Jackson.

captain america part 2 movie review

Although close to being unrealistic, the political dynamism in 'Winter Soldier' made Captain Steve Rogers's fight sincere. It wasn't just about winning back a stolen throne or kingdom or preventing kids with superhuman powers from destroying the world. It was about creating wars to make people consider giving up their freedom to favor full government military control. Though the after-effects brought in super sci-fi-ish machines, it felt that somehow the film producers spent millions in creating gigantic visual effects to not just wow the viewers but to help make a substantial story reach climax.

At the last part though, it feels like the movie will go on forever with several twists in after almost every protagonist success. It may not work for some but it was a love-hate series of encounters for me. There is that he-can-push-that-button-but-they-didn't-let-him-because-it's-not-the-time-yet and there are those "Oh shit! Sayang!" parts. For all its worth, the whole 2 hours and 16 minutes running time was far from boring.

But if there's something that will make your attention transfixed to the screen, it's not (or could be) Scarlett Johansson but the pulsating and lengthy combat scenes which will make you wonder if there are still fight choreographies left for the next Captain America flick. I was just surprised though that Captain America exhausted himself in the second movie with too much martial arts. I mean, why punch and kick so much when you can pound the next person with your shield. Just me, maybe, but putting aside that skeptic remark, the fight sequences gave 'Winter Soldier' some of the best moments.

captain america part 2 movie review
captain america part 2 movie review
captain america part 2 movie review

Scarlett Johansson made up an exciting sidekick. Yes, she wasn't cast to be a leading lady and that's the best part. If an actress can make it work and score an acting nomination with just her voice (Critics Choice Movie Awards 2014 Best Supporting Actress nominee for "Her"), we can expect her to leap, jump and punish people effectively in a tight-fit body suit. Aside from Charlize Theron and Kate Beckinsale, no one else could have done the Black Widow role nicely but Scarlett. 

Chris Evans was charming, as usual, though the obvious flaws in the CGI effects of his lanky, not-so-super human self was destructing. Hugely because of the looks, it's clear that the Captain America role is fit to be his. Evans channeled two extreme characters effectively: a tough guy in his super soldier costume and a loving friend who is still willing to risk his life for a friend turned nemesis. This may not be hardcore but Chris could surprisingly do drama.

I'm not sure if I'll say that Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the only topical Marvel movie but if I am American, Captain Steve Rogers earned the right to be the superhero to wear the star-spangled colors. That's what I felt after he was introduced to me as a superhero in a real world. With a scale so impressive and with the action so relentless, I will be brave in proclaiming this as the best Marvel movie (I've seen) yet. 

Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens today, March 26, in iMax 3D, Digital 3D and 2D formats and is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International. 

Photos by Marvel Studios.

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