Aztec prints, quick-dry fabrics, Elmo and Alden in F & H for Garage Anniversary

2:40 AM

The girls were in their skirts and the boys let loose while in shorts. Garage Magazine's 5th Anniversary bash at Skye Lounge in Bonifacio Global City early tonight, March 6, is a fun and star-studded welcome to Summer 2014. I say star-studded as leading local clothing line Folded and Hung introduced their Summer line up in a fashion show with no less than two of their three top teen endorsers: Alden Richards and Elmo Magalona. 

Going with floral and Aztec prints, F & H went for the usual bright Summer shades. But the significant addition to their pieces is the usage of quick-dry fabrics. Worry not as these clothes are not your hardcore sporting outfits which are entirely made of polyester or supplex nylon. The clothes are a combination of those and cotton, built with a more fashionable cut which makes you party-ready. Needless to say, it's utility, comfort and style altogether.

Want to go to the nearest beach for an early summer frolic? Don't go just yet. At least, not after seeing what F & H is suggesting for the guys to wear.

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