My brief encounter with Bench model Vince Ferraren

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One of PH's highest paid runway male models talks about showbiz, naked shoots and Kim Chiu

 It took Vince Ferraren only 2 years to make it to the top of the Philippine modelling industry. Only 24 years old, it looks like we're gonna see more of this Fil-Aussie including more campaigns like this photo from local clothing giant Bench. 

Vince Ferraren may have had too many drinks when ABS-CBN's PR team approached him for a brief talk/ interview with select bloggers. It was the 25th anniversary party of Metro which coincided with the magazine's exclusive launch of the 2014 body issue (Story and photos here: Metro Magazine's 25th Anniversary Launch). Despite the alcohol, or maybe thanks to it, Vince sat down in one of the private dining salons in Opus Bar and Lounge, smiling and excited to chat. 

To recall, mine and everyone else's attention were stolen by Vince when he graced the runway of Bench Universe: The Denim and Underwear Show in 2012. Towering at 6'4, it was not too difficult for the model to grab the audience's affection. In fact, just a few months after that, his underwear billboards started to appear in major thoroughfares in the Metro. 

Aside from his physique, it was an easy route to the top for Vince due to hard work, more gym time and confidence. "Sanayan lang yan. I am comfortable with every photo that I do," says the Australian-born hunk who has stayed for 2 years in Manila where he picked up his Tagalog speaking skills. "I am game for anything as long as it is decent," Ferraren remarks confidently. 

Answering questions as straightforward and as short and he can, I wonder who would not be confident with such looks and body type. When asked what he feels everytime he sees his larger-than-life images in underwear at Bench shops, Vince felt nothing else but pride. "Proud of course! Coming from an IT job where I work on the computer for 12 hours night shifts, it is great to realize how my life was changed. It's always fun to see yourself on a billboard." 

 The interviewer and the interviewee 

Vince Ferraren at the Metro Magazine 2014 Body Issue launch

It is with this level of enjoyment and fulfillment that he found in modelling that it wasn't difficult to ask him to pose naked for Metro's 2014 body issue. "It was just Doc Marlon (Pecjo) and I in the room. He would get me in the position when I have my towel on. When the position is right, I will drop my towel and get totally naked for the camera. I was pretty comfortable. I enjoyed it," Vince shared. With such a daring move, how far can he go? 

I shared details from the 2010 Bench Uncut show when Rafael Rosell opened the runway with nothing on but a cup to cover his manhood. I asked Vince if he can do the same and he immediately replied, "Pag papayag si nanay." After a minute he smirked and went honest. "I am not sure if I can do that. Let's see when the time comes. It should be done decently." 

For the moment, Vince is sharpening his Tagalog to get himself ready for showbiz. On talks if he is interested to be the next Mister World Philippines as a worthy successor of Mister World First Runner-up Andrew Wolfe, Vince declined. "I find pageants interesting but that's not gonna be the path that I will take. I would rather stick to modelling and showbiz than being a pageant contestant. I prefer to invest more time on modelling." 

While getting ready for showbiz, Ferraren has also been observing the prettiest faces in the local entertainment industry and found himself crushing on Kim Chiu. "It has always been her. I know, cheesy but Kim Chiu is my biggest showbiz crush." On who he wants to be leading ladies, he thinks it is too early to enumerate. 

Given the successful crossovers of Daniel Matsunaga, Fabio Ide and the likes from runway to show business, Vince Ferraren's showbiz potentials seem promising. And he has assured us that his modelling and entertainment career will not be brief. 

Vince going almost naked for Bench (photo above) and with nothing on for Metro Magazine (photo below) 

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