'Bride for Rent' is poised to hit the Top 10 of PH's all-time top-grossing films

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Don't mind the overused story and miscalculated highlights, KimXi found a solid rom-com brand

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We all know "Bride for Rent" has reportedly grossed PHP100 million only after 4 days of screening. Observing the long lines in the cinemas, the movie is poised to smash the PHP200 million-mark after 10 days, or even earlier. 

But why the big deal? The 10th placer in the Philippines' all-time top grossing films, Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz's "You Changed My Life", earned PHP225.21 million. In 2 weeks, "Bride for Rent" is on its way to overtake this and be one of the country's 10 most prolific movies to ever hit the big screen. 

On the 5th day and right after Star Cinema proclaimed that "Bride for Rent" crossed the PHP100 million-mark, I went out to watch the film. I patiently looked for the reasons why the second Xiam Lim- Kim Chiu starrer surged in box office earnings, providing a remarkable start to the local industry for 2014.

Overall, Bride for Rent saw Kim Chiu and Xian Lim in a different phase of their careers. Kim proved she is better in romantic comedy and Xian gave us a glimpse that he can do drama, even for just a little. With the plot not requiring a massive and dazzling production, the movie looked good. Although the film appears to be shallow and non-insightful, it actually found a way to carry relevance with the interviews of real-life couples. 

Film reviewers dislike the usual rich guy meets poor girl plot. This is tried and tested and we can't hate the writer(s) for determining what's within the bounds of KimXi (Kim- Xian love team) and what their fans expect from them. Sounds commercial really, but before we push two of the brightest young stars our local industry has into doing something greatly cinematic and highly artistic, we must not forget to enjoy. To the hopeless, let's give them this moment to feel the romance. 

Before you accuse me of sugarcoating, I am not saying this love story is good. The parts meant to complicate the characters' lives didn't fell on the right places. Though it provided sense, the false pretenses (the rich kid pretending to be married to have access to his trust fund and a grandmother who is fixing her grandson by trapping him in a fake marriage) appeared unrealistic. However, we can't just compare this to the likes of "Sleepless in Seattle" or to something closer to our hearts, Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz's "One More Chance".  I'm just judging the story aligning with the KimXi brand, and if we lock ourselves to that, "Bride for Rent" met expectations. 

After "Bakit Di Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?", Kim Chiu provided a becomingly solid ground for herself in the romantic comedy area. I am not really following her soaps but I was pleasantly surprise to see her capable of shifting from being hilarious to being dramatic in an instant. On the other hand, if Xian is trying hard to be labeled as an actor more than being just a showbiz personality, the proposal scenes provided him the opportunity to challenge his critics. There were moments he was natural and he delivered the goods. 

To the KimXi fans, yes, I loved the "Chinito" sequence.  For a fan, half of what you paid to watch "Bride for Rent" on the big screen should be compensated right there. 

It may not have been weaved concretely with the movie's storyline, the real-life interviews provided the film more meaning. Tony Mabesa and Anita Linda's part also lifted the movie to a certain level of importance. Quite interestingly, isn't it nice to finally see a Star Cinema movie not named after the theme song title?

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