Celeteque Clarifying Shampoo: The perfect hair treatment my undercut needs

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Ever since I got a new hairdo 2 months ago, I have never been more conscious about hair grooming. You see, sporting the undercut requires me to blow dry my wavy hair every morning and put on both wax and hair polish on it. The products will stay there for an average of 10 hours to 14 hours before I got the chance to wash it at home. Everyday, I also need to use both shampoo and conditioner twice. But would those be enough to cleanse my scalp? 

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Last Thursday, November 28, I was was invited to an event by Celeteque at the exclusive Romulo Cafe in Makati City. I am aware that Celeteque is a skincare brand but I got more excited upon knowing that they're launching a product which is exactly what I need: a breakthrough clarifying shampoo for the scalp. 

The Celeteque Dermo Science Hair and Scalp Care Clarifying Shampoo is a once-a-week wash that helps get residue buildup on your scalp. Residue buildup is caused by constantly using hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners, gels, waxes, hair polishes and sprays. These products mix with excess oil and dirt on the scalp can cause clogged hair cuticles and may lead to dry and brittle hair. It also makes the hair dull and greasy as residue buildups prevents your roots from absorbing nutrients. 

I will say once again that this is a once-a-week wash. Meaning, this will not add up to the usual routine you've been doing every morning. Ideally, the Clarifying Shampoo should be used during Sundays when we don't use too much hair products and we are not that exposed to pollution. Another interesting fact is this is an independent hair product. You can still continue using your current shampoo and conditioner brands and Celeteque's new wonder product will still find its way to be effective. 

The new Celeteque DermoScience Hair and Scalp Care Clarifying Shampoo
is a great help in maintaining a hairdo like this. 

I was the only biological man from among the exclusive list of bloggers invited for the event but experts from Celeteque Laboratories emphasized that men need more hair clarifying than women as men use more products than the ladies. More men use wax and hair gels regularly while most women only use the regular shampoo and conditioner everyday. 

As the Celeteque DermoScience Hair and Scalp Care Clarifying Shampoo unclog follicles, its users can notice that their regular shampoo will work even better. I used mine 3 days ago (Thanks Celeteque!) and I've never felt fresher. The shampoo is also non-sticky which will make your hair soft, manageable and smelling good. I think my undercut just found its new bestfriend.  

P.S. You can purchase the Celeteque Clarifying Shampoo in leading grocery stores and also online at www.celetequedermoscience.com to enjoy special Christmas treats! 

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