Aljur Abrenica holds successful 'Come and Get Me' concert

2:30 AM

At the full-packed Music Museum on a rainy Thursday night, heartthrob and hunk Aljur Abrenica entertained the crowd at his first major concert, so aptly named Come and Get Me. Although, it is expected for the ex-Machete actor to go topless often in the entire 2-hour stretch of the show, he only stripped once. 

It doesn't mean it's less the spectacle though as the Starstruck alumnus proved he is capable of also dominating the music industry. He opened the show with upbeat tracks from One Direction, did an entire set of Justin Timberlake songs, re-performed his Cosmo bash theme "Blurred Lines", and serenaded the crowd with ballads including the smash hits of British singer Adele.

Rochelle Pangilinan helped Aljur in providing the hunk's show of skin when he stripped him topless in a song and dance number. Aside from the Sexbomb dancer, Kris Bernal showed up to perform a dance number and duet with her original onscreen partner. GMA's talented total performer Julie Anne San Jose also supported Aljur by singing a duet and two solo numbers. Before ending the show, Aljur performed a single from his upcoming sophomore album under MCA and GMA Records. 

Come and Get Me is scheduled to be shown on GMA 7 on an unconfirmed date. 

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