40 Forbidden Questions: Ellen Adarna mentions Bong Revilla, Diether Ocampo & Dennis Trillo

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Twenty five year-old sex symbol Ellen Adarna just talked about the men in her life at Mo Twister's 40 Forbidden Questions pod cast which was originally aired on September. These include Senator Bong Revilla, Diether Ocampo, Dennis Trillo, and Carlos Agassi. On how her life is intertwined with these guys, Ellen didn't have a hard time spilling out her revelations. 

Bubble Gang actress and FHM babe Ellen Adarna fancies threesome 
with Dennis Trillo, and talks about dumping indecent proposals 
from Senator Bong Revilla and Diether Ocampo.

When Mo asked if Ellen ever received an indecent proposal from someone popular, it didn't took a second for the sexy actress to mention the name of Senator Bong Revilla. "Bong Revilla texted me a lot of times like 'you wanna meet up.' Ganun lang naman. Nothing really straightforward.", she shared. "Do you think he is trying to hit on you", Mo asked and Ellen replied "Yeah!" Ellen appeared in Bong Revilla's 2010 Metro Manila Film Fest entry Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote

Other than the actor-Senator Revilla, Ellen also mentioned kapamilya hunk actor Diether Ocampo who showed hints on pursuing her sexually. "Two days ago lang (estimatedly September 3, 2013 since the podcast was aired September 5) nag-message siya sa FB (Facebook). He said that he's going to Cebu. Eh ano naman, andito ako sa Manila", Ellen divulged. Adarna is Cebu-born but is based in Manila where she stars in GMA 7's gag show Bubble Gang, her only project after the kapuso soap Indio, also with Bong Revilla, and Captain Barbell Ang Pagbabalik with Richard Gutierrez. "He is very persistent but I never really answered back sa mga messages niya," she shared further. 

The FHM babe also referred to Diether Ocampo as gay. "May nagsabi sa akin na nagfuck daw sila ni Carlos Agassi" where guest host Bianca Valerio emphasized "You said your heard that from Lolit Solis. I just want to make it clear that it didn't come from me!" Lolit Solis is a talent manager, tabloid columnist and host of GMA-7's longest running showbiz oriented show Startalk

Ellen Adarna mentions Louise de los Reyes as worst dressed and how
Sam Pinto look pretty on TV and pictures and "disappointing" in person. 

Bianca Valerio co-hosts the show with Mo Twister

Mo asked Bianca Valerio to grab Ellen Adarna's phone and read the fifth message. 
Bianca read the text message which reveals an address of a motel in Cebu 
and the sender of the text message is named Raul. On October 4, Ellen uploads
a photo on her Instagram account tagging a man named @raoul (middle) with
Vice Mayor Gun-gun Gica of Dumanjug town in Cebu (@gungica, right). 

At the 7th question of the 40 Forbidden Questions, Mo asked which two celebrities does she like to have a threesome, Ellen answered that the other girl can either be Heart Evangelista or Solenn Heussaff and mentioned that her fantasy include Dennis Trillo. "He looks manly and mysterious. He is not tall and I like tall men but there is something masculine about him," Ellen said. Mo remarked, "I swear, Dennis Trillo is gonna call you after this" and Ellen responded with "Hi Dennis!"

If Ellen adored Dennis Trillo, she referred to Carlos Agassi as the vainest actor. "Look at his Instagram. Lahat dun nakahubad. Wherever he goes, he is always naked," she shared. 

Apart from the 4 celebrity men, Ellen also said she would rather have a sex tape with Chito Miranda than Hayden Kho. She described Chito's movements in his sex videos as passionate while the girls did all the work in Kho's series of videos. She was quick though in clarifying that she doesn't have a sex tape. 

On other questions, Ellen described Sam Pinto as someone who is good looking on TV but disappointing in person. "She has a bad skin", she said where Mo Twister agrees and mentioned that he does not understand the fanfare. To someone whom she think has her boobs done and should admit it, Ellen mentioned Marian Rivera. "I am not sure ha. But I saw her pictures before and her boobs are bigger now", she commented. On who she thinks is the worst dressed, meanwhile, Ellen was blunt in mentioning kapuso Mundo Mo'y Akin Star Louise de los Reyes. 

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