The Cosmo Centerfold 2013 Side Dishes

12:44 AM

We already honored the top students of Cosmo University here (The Cosmo Centerfolds of 2013) but what about the rest? After the centerfolds at the September 2013 special supplement of Cosmo Magazine, here is my opinion of the second 12. If we have the main buffet, I know you would love for more side dishes. 

Actors Benjamin Alves and Vin Abrenica

Young runway models Vince Velasco, 22, and Tommy Esguerra, 19

Models Donovan Prince and Robbie Becroft

Sportsmen Ali Khatibi (Mixed Martial Arts) and Simon Atkins (Bastketball)

Students Julio de Leon and Carlos Laurel 

Supermodels Osny Fernandez and Kevin Cote 

Here's this year's Cosmo video.

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