Xian Lim on experiencing the "friend zone" and his new movie "Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?"

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Believe it or not, Xian Lim, Alexander Xian Cruz Lim Uy in real life, has once considered himself "pangit." In a bloggers conference made for his upcoming movie with Kim Chiu, Bakit Hindi Ako Crush ng Crush Mo?, the 6'2" tall Star Magic contract artist who has made a reputation as an "eye candy" revealed also that he has experienced being on the "friend zone." 

For fans of Ramon Bautista, you probably know what "friend zone" means but for those who have not heard of the term, it's a slang coined by the author and internet personality referring to situations when a person expresses his or her romantic love for someone but got reverted to as a friend. The phrase is more used in the context "na-friend zone", a less harsh statement for being dumped. 

Despite the sporting a lean built, a head-turner's height and a facial bone structure perfect for a matinee idol, Xian was so humble to admit that he has experienced being sent to the "friend zone" in high school. "Lahat naman tayo na-friend zone sa buhay natin. Di talaga tayo ang tao para sa person na we thought minahal natin", he said. One of the hottest young male stars in the country today also divulged on what he think was the reason why his feelings then were not reciprocated: "Siguro kasi pangit ako noon", the actor explained which prompted Kim Chiu, his leading lady in the movie to comment: "Ahh, kasi guwapo ka na ngayon. Guwapo na po daw kasi siya ngayon."

Starting as a ramp model after being a member of the University of the East's basketball varsity team, Xian Lim has been casted in several TV shows and endorsements but this is only his third lead movie. "Pangatlo ko na po ito at nagpapasalamat po ako sa Star Cinema for entrusting me with another project", the actor narrated. Xian's first two film credits as a lead a star include "My Cactus Heart" with Maja Salvador and Matteo Guidicelli and in the ensemble film "The Reunion" with Enchong Dee, Kean Cipriano and Enrique Gil in 2012. It can be considered though that Xian is more successful on TV with his very hit drama series "Katorse", "My Binondo Girl", and the recently concluded "Ina, Kapatid, Anak." 

On the other hand, Kim Chiu said that she is happy to finally do a full-length comedy film. "Mas mahirap po ang comedy. Kailangan kasi timing ka talaga eh, ikaw kasi talaga 'yun", she shared. Movie fans can observe that her role in the film is among the very firsts where she can show the other side of her. "I'm proud sa mga nagawa ko. Galing kasi talaga ng director namin. Alam mo naman si Direk Joyce (Bernal), Kim disclosed. 

Meanwhile, self-tagged internet star and author Ramon Bautista dubbed the movie's full trailer which was viewed by the bloggers during the blog conference for the first time. Hailed by the Philippine pop culture as a social behavior expert, Bautista created the book with concepts adapted by the film including why a guy or girl is not being admired back by their object of affection. According to him, the 10 reasons are: (1) panget ka, (2) masama ugali mo, (3) may shota siya, (4) may shota ka, (5) bakla or tomboy siya, (6) di kayo match sa horoscope, (7) okay ka naman pero siniraan ka ng mga friends niya, (8) high maintenance ka, (9) trip mo yung mga ayaw niya na TV show, and (10) wala ka sa radar a.k.a hindi ka niya napapansin. 

Supporting Xian Lim and Kim Chiu for the movie are Kean Cipriano, Diane Mediana, Jojit Lorenzo, Ryan Boyce, Lilia Cuntapay, Tonton Gutierrez and a cameo performance from the author himself Ramon Bautista. 'Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?' hits theaters on July 31, 2013

Here's a video of a portion of the interview

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