Robinsons Place Manila Styles Up

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Manila City's biggest mall boasts off shops which house everything a fashionista needs

With over 400 fashion tenants, Robinsons Place Manila is ready to show its market and those who have not been to the mall yet that it will make an excellent choice for some outfit shopping. At a busy Saturday at around 5PM yesterday, close to 20 male, female and children models paraded at the mall's Midtown Atrium to showcase the latest pieces from leading fashion brands: Miss Sixty, Iora, Energie, Vans, Team Manila, Trilogy and Terranova. 

TV personality Mat Evans shows up for Vans

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Housemate and Pedro Penduko star Matt Evans showed up to support Vans together with the other models who exuded high fashion, showing Robinsons Place Manila is a perfect shopping venue for the fashionista. 

This is only Day 2 of the Ramp Up Your Style: The Robinsons Place Manila Fashion Weekend which started last Friday, June 7 and will end up later this afternoon, June 9, at 5PM. Dollie J. Bufi, Robinsons' Group Property Manager, said in an interview that this will be the start of a series of events and activities that will put Robinsons Place Manila in the center of consumers choice, most especially on their clothing needs. "We want to show everyone that we have everything that they need. That regardless of the weather condition, they can still shop with comfort and ease here in Robinsons Manila", Bufi said. 

Bufi also mentioned that there are almost 800 shops and stores scattered all over the four wings of Robinsons Place Manila which she said is the biggest Robinsons mall so far. The 800 tenants are fairly divided into two; food and fashion shops. "It's really an honest mix for the foodie and the fashionista", Bufi added. 

Meanwhile, Jemma Emerald M. Zafra, the Assistant Group Marketing Manager for Robinsons Place Manila enumerated some of the several events that the mall will soon host. A celebrity badminton tournament is start soon while Aissa Seguerra's  is scheduled to hold a concert in June. "There will still be more so we invite everyone to come and have fun with us", Zafra enthused. 

After the fashion show, I went for a little dinner and grocery shopping in Robinsons Place Manila and I can say that indeed, the mall really has everything that we need. 

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