The Singing Saga of Daniel Padilla

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Our boy wonder shares how he hated singing, learned it, and now prepping up for his first major concert as he turns 18

His is a story of a boy who dislikes singing. Daniel Padilla shared that he hates exposing his vocals especially in front of the public. But with a certain love for playing instruments, he learned to accept that he needs to fully entertain his legions of fans. Soon enough, he found himself singing on TV and mall shows. On April 30, he is set to hold his first concert at no less than the Araneta Colesium. 

"Ayoko talaga kumanta. Mahilig ako tumugtug ng drums and bass pero di ko talaga gusto kumanta. Practice-practice lang sa mall shows and natuto din naman", DJ shared during an intimate talk with select bloggers at the Star Cinema board room earlier today. "Ngayon, steady lang, gusto ko 'yung response ng tao habang kinakantahan ko sila", he added. 

Daniel Padilla is set to sing at most 12 songs on his Birthday Concert at the Smart-Araneta Colesium which happens to be his first big singing show. All of the songs that he will be performing are pop/ rock or rock songs. Did he ever think of switching to another genre? "Hindi. Mas gusto ko rock. Mas nag e-enjoy ako at yung tao", he responded. 

Here are some parts of the interview videotaped: 

The young superstar who enjoys a huge following from teen girls revealed that he is also related to music. Growing up in a musically-inclined family, Daniel narrated that he started as a drummer as part of a drum and lyre corps while still in Grade 3. As he grew old, he then later on appreciated playing bass guitar the most. His largest musical influence would be The Beatles and if ask about his favorite song, it would be "Something", he reveals. 

His millions of fans should be excited by now as DJ especially suggested to have his stage closer to the audience. "Gusto ko abot ko lang sila, malapit lang. Yung totoong jam", he divulged. of course, the other half of the most wanted KathNiel love team, Kathryn Bernardo, will be there to show her support.  As to the rest of the guests, Daniel shared he is not allowed yet to tell more but he promised a throng of surprise guests. Daniel's real birthday is April 26 (he is turning 18 years old) but his concert will be held 4 days after. By then, I bet Araneta is set to explode. 

Here's a concert invitation from Daniel Padilla himself: 

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