People Shots in Boracay: Be Part of the Crowd

9:41 AM

Aside from the beach, the sea, night life, some water sports, and food, what is there to see in Boracay? Sunset? Nice answer. But I know you enjoy sitting on the shore observing other island visitors as well, most especially, those in trunks and string bikinis. 

Right, right! I am guilty of this one too. In fact, I have some "paparazzi" shots which I'd like to share. The purpose?- I know Boracay is in your summer itinerary this year and I would like to give you an early feel of how the crowd is like. This in turn will give you the idea of what to wear, how to spend your vacation time wisely and maybe, who to be with. 

Enjoy and advance Happy Summer! :) 

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