Opening up Summer 2013 in Boracay

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Summer came in early for me. It might be generic but we all the know our country's ultimate summer destination is Boracay. It so happens to be my 7th birthday destination this year and boy, I was blessed with a good weather and a great crowd. 

I don't have that much insider's notes about the island as I let go of my blogger thoughts and lay lowed with my being adventurous. I also scrapped the idea of things fancy: no costly activities like banana boat and parasailing and no above-class meals. It was just me, the white sand, the sea and the sky for 2 days. 

But I guess, when you are born to observe, you will gather a thing or two which are worth sharing to your friends even on a trip you so intentionally want to be silent, relaxed and non-opinionated. I know many of you have Boracay on your Summer 2013 itinerary and I will spare you the element of surprise or annoyance on some things that may ruin your vacation. Here are what I spotted: 

  • Everyone going to the island will pass by Caticlan's Jetty Port. Aside from the boat fare which is PhP25, you need to pay for the terminal fee (PhP100- yep, more expensive than the boat ride itself) and the environmental fee (PhP75). That's a hefty PhP200 just to cross the channel which takes just 10 to 15 minutes. 
  • At the Jetty Port, you will be asked to register. One tourist needs to fill up a sort of bio data. This is one patience test and I obviously failed. 
  • From the Boracay port, you can go to your hotels via tricycles which observe a minimum fee of Php9. But if you're accommodation is located in Station 1, the farthest from the port, prepare PhP30. That's another 10-15 minutes ride. 
  • If you fly to Boracay via Kalibo and left with no choice but to get an evening flight, choose the early ones at around 7PM or the latest, 10PM. For someone like me whose accommodation does not include airport transportation, van rides to Kalibo from Caticlan is only until 9PM. Kalibo's not-so-international airport will only allow passengers to go inside the facility when your flight's check-in counter opens. Imagine your flight is scheduled 2AM and counter opens 12 midnight, you are stuck outside the airport terminal building without stools to sit on for 3 hours. My flight was at 2:50AM and I guess you can try to imagine what I've been through. 
  • Take time to clean up those nails before flying to Boracay. Manicure and pedicure fees will cost you PhP350. 
  • Before flying to Boracay, check the high tide and low tide times. It's best to swim when it's high tide to avoid troubles with the sea grasses. 
  • Don't forget to try Jonah's Fruitshakes.  The drinks there are a delight! :)

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