Timeless Moments during the "A Moment In Time" Presscon

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Basing on the trailer, Star Cinema's Valentine movie offering A Moment In Time shows huge promise. Paris, Amsterdam and the charisma of its leading stars Coco Martin and Julia Montes will sure attract moviegoers to come out and see it on theaters starting February 13. I actually felt this piece I'm writing is not needed to promote the movie. I think Star Cinema has once again put together a winning formula at the box office. 

But as I was watching the gallery of Coco- Julia fans during the movie's press conference at the Dolphy Theater last Tuesday, February 5, I can see how genuinely happy they are to see their 'idols'  on stage. Even a simple wave from Coco Martin and his little gestures of flirting with his love team Julia Montes, whether those are promotional strategies or real displays of affection, the fans just can't help themselves but scream and react. Fans- what will show business do without them. 

So, I am writing this piece to indirectly promote the movie. But first, I would like to give a smile to the rest of the Coco- Julia fans who were not as blessed as those who were inside the theater. Even I was amused. To be honest about it, yes, I felt the kilig. We happy people should admit this. Even if we're not avid fans, there are times when we are entertained by celebrities on talk shows. And that exactly is what I will be sharing to you today. 

I was running late at the presscon and a little bit tired that I was thinking to just hold the camera and get this thing over and done with. But what could be 'just another' presscon changed when I appreciated how talkative and personable Coco Martin can be. He was asked by a reporter on his experiences in filming the film. "Tinaya ko na dito pati kaluluwa ko", he said. "Si lola (pointing at Julia's grandmother who was sitting at the audience), yung lola ni Julia, sinisiko na si Direk. 'Oi tama na, tama na'. May kissing scene kasi kami dito. Syempre si lola, di pa siya sanay na makita si Julia sa ganung bagay. Siya yung natatakot for Julia.", Coco shared further which got the members of the press closely following him. "Ako naman, artista lang ako. Kung ano yung sinabi ni Direk, ginawa ko lang din naman", he divulged further which made the audience rowdy. 

"Anong reaksyon mo dun Julia?", the reporter pried. Julia was speechless. Coco spoke once more, backed by his 'killer' smiles which made millions fall in love with him: "Ewan ko kung nagustuhan din niya" and he laughed. The boisterous crowd kept silent for a moment as they waited for Julia's reaction. But being 17 years old and probably observing rules set by her guardians, Julia gave a safe response: "Di ko alam kung pano i-explain." Coco tried to help but his remarks got the crowd all the more excited. "Basta 'yun. Nagawa niya", he enthused. 

This led to more personal questions from the press. A reporter asked the lead stars on the real score behind their relationship. "Sa haba ng pinagsamahan, imposibleng wala kang mararamdaman. After natapos yung soap (Walang Hanggan), nag ask ako na sana makagawa pa ako ng movie with Julia. Gusto ko pa eh. Gusto ko pa makasama siya", Coco remarked. 

Even veteran actors Gabby Concepcion and Cherie Gil who plays parents of Julia in A Moment In Time shared some stories from the set. "I have to say though behind the scenes, I worked with a lot of love team-love team. Pero they have very wholesome camaraderie, para silang bestfriends. They are young and walang malisya or anything like that but I just learned that if you should marry someone, you should marry your bestfriend", Cherie Gil said which solicited another warm reactions from the fans in the gallery. 

I hate press conferences wherein the focus of the discussion shifts from the movie or the show being promoted to the personal issues of the cast but during A Moment In Time's presscon, that I hardly noticed. Maybe because Coco Martin was, (yes, late reaction) really charming. The discussion over Coco and Julia's personal lives led to a conversation on Julia's escort for her coming debut. "Nababalitaan ko, nagsasabi siya sa iba. Di naman siya nag da-direct sakin. Pero actually, nag e-expect din ako", Coco answered when asked if he was requested by Julia to be her 18th birthday escort next month. "Syempre ang sakit naman nun. Kung iba yung escort, parang sinasabi na basted na. Kung gagawing escort, parang may puntos!", the actor explained some more.

Julia just remained quiet and smiling while her onscreen partner led the discussion but there was no confirmation if Coco Martin will eventually become her escort for her birthday on March 19 (we have the same birthday, actually. LOL). This, aside from the movie, is something that you should be looking out for as far as the Julia Montes- Coco Martin team-up is concerned. With that presscon, I now know why both the fans and the press love Coco Martin so much. He exudes warmth and makes you feel very acquainted with him. 

I hope fans and the not so fans loved the little chismis I have. A Moment In Time will hit the theaters on February 13. Let me give all of you an advance greeting: Happy Valentine's Day! 

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