Raphaela Parisse: Don't just blend in, stand out

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Most Filipinas are petite. This is why most fashion bloggers think our girls deserve the Blair Cornelia Waldorf look. She wears dresses often, mostly sheer, long sleeved, ruffled, buttoned and closed neck. She opts for the tailored and classic pieces, looking always preppy and polished. But her clothes certainly looks expensive. 

For girls who are in the lookout for such image minus the mega fashion budget, I found you your new online haven- www.raphaelaparisse.com. This online stores offers delicate fabrics on its finest designs and tailored suits and pants for fashionable prices. And by that, I mean prices which allow you to splurge. 

At the brand's launch held at Replica Bar in BF Homes, Parañaque, owner Chep Zaide shared how everything started as a dream to becoming a "fashion adventure" that it is today. "We all tend to dream big and get chicken out when everything is starting to fall into place cause it's too big even I can't wrap my head around. But this is about fashion and helping Filipinos, especially young women to dress up and to tell them that it is OK to dress up a bit fancy even when you're just going to a simple dinner or a mall maybe", she said. 

Chep brings in pieces which plays between the "comfortability of a tailored printed suit, the high fashion of Europe and US combined with the fashion choices of Pinoys." While comfortability is the major promise, Raphaela Parisse expounds that it caters to women "who doesn't want to just blend in but to stand out." 

The woman behind Raphaela Parisse Chep Zaide 
with her product model and good friend, singer Frencheska Farr. 

You can view the product catalogue here www.raphaelaparisse.com  items categorized into tops, blazers, trousers, bottoms and dresses. The stylish tops and blazers are prices from P600 to P900 while laced dresses are at P600 to P1,100. I know you guys know the drill in online shopping so there's no need for me to explain further. 

So, who's excited to splurge? I will pump the excitement more by leaving you with this glamorous video from their Spring/ Summer campaign. Go, shop after! Visit www.raphaelaparisse.com

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