Julie-Elmo's Unaired "Wazak At Two" Prod in Party Pilipinas

9:06 PM

There's something Julie-Elmo fans missed from earlier's episode of "Party Pilipinas UK" or "#PartyPilipinasR_UK?". Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magalona's supposed reunion performance was not shown on air as the show reportedly went overtime from its supposed 3-hours time slot. 

Rico Gutierrez, the show's director tweeted a few minutes after the show: "We had to tape #WazakAtTwo. OT na daw kami :( We will show it sa next! :)". Consider yourselves lucky this Sunday. Me and other bloggers watched the show live and I was able to tape a portion of the performance. Take note, just a portion so consider this a teaser and you can watch the full production number in Party Pilipinas next week. 

I was able to record Julie Anne's showdown with Zendee for the VOX segment too. Also, here are some photos of Julie Anne with Elmo and Alden. (",)

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