Birthday Trip No.3: Enchanted Again

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Enchanted Kingdom, fondly EK to most of us, is perhaps the closest local equivalent we can think of let's say, Disneyland or the Universal Studios. Though technically, comparing EK to the two international theme parks I mentioned is not a good idea but I am thankful to the creators, the owners and the rest of the people behind this park for giving us the same level of fun without our passports needed. 

Convenient and humbly charming, this is how Enchanted Kingdom appeals to me. Just 45 minutes away from Manila, me and JP Morgan Chase friends already found ourselves a grand reunion venue after not seeing each other for more than a year. This happens to be my third trip for my birthday this year. Though I was in doubt to include EK in my birthday destinations, you bet I did not regret adding it on the list after February 3's trip. 

The last time I visited EK was Christmas of 2010 and I was happy to realize that the park is growing. Just 4 months ago, they added the Disk-O-Magic. This is after they added a sudden drop ride named the EK-streme early last year. Safe to say, we can expect more from this park in the coming years.

I know there is no need to explain to you how to get there, what the park is composed of and those related stuff since I know many of you have been there. But I felt the need to share some photos. You know, just in case you want to consider coming back. So, are you ready to be enchanted again? 

Reunion after more than a year! Nice to see my banker friends again from my 
old company, JP Morgan Chase & Co. 

EK is twice the fun when you have a real kid with you. I was picking up on Anela the morning we arrived in EK but see, she doesn't hate me and agreed to pose with me in this photo. :)

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