Star World hosts American Idol party, airs new season every Thursday and Friday

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It has been since this blog started that I admitted to be a huge American Idol fan. So, being invited by Star World to an American Idol party which coincided with its season premiere last Thursday, January 17, is dope! The newly opened URBN Bar and Kitchen at The Fort opened its doors to digital influencers, other bloggers, media men and some celebrities to help announce American Idol's return to the Philippine airwaves via cable channel Star World. 

Seen so far are the Newark, New Jersey and the Chicago, Illinois auditions and a few standouts include a latino boy with a stuttering deficiency and a former dancer whose right leg was amputated because of cancer. Lazaro Arbos and Evan Ruggiero put on two very inspiring stories early on the show and they are joined by the first set of outstanding singers including Frankie Ford, Tenna Torres, Angela Miller, Christina "Isabelle" and Ashlee Feliciano. All of whom were given 'golden tickets' to the next round except for one interesting auditioner- the "turbanator"- Gurpreet Singh Sarin. 

Forty one golden tickets were handed in New Jersey and 47 in Chicago but there are five audition cities left which are scheduled to be shown in the next 2 weeks of telecast. 

At the party, guests were split to 2, choosing between Team Mariah and Team Minaj but the rumored nasty exchange of words between the two new judges are not visible and felt yet during the first two episodes. It has been reported that Nicki Minaj erupted in a tirade against Mariah in the Charlotte, North Carolina auditions which is still set to be aired on Thursday, January 24. I know you guys will watch out for it. In terms of the team I picked, my friends could easily identify. The clues are "never too far."

I compiled some of the Instagram photos posted by celebrities who attended the show so you can feel the excitement. Photo credits are to its owners. I also pasted Lazaro Arbos's very inspiring audition video, which as of posting, collected 1.1 million views. 

Indeed, it's American Idol season again! Who knows, we might find another Jessica Sanchez. 

Posted on IG by Marc Gueco and Jenni Epperson. 
Flocking at the URBN Bar and Kitchen for the American Idol on Star World Party 
are personalities Tim Yap, Divine Lee, Jennie Epperson and Marc Gueco. 

Posted by Sam Oh and Marc Gueco. 
Also pictured are radio DJ Sam Oh and fashion icon Tessa Prieto- Valdez. 

Left photo posted by Divine Lee. 
Tim Yap celebrated one of his many birthday parties at the American Idol bash. 
This blogger had a chance to pose with the most in-demand DJ Callum David. 

 Auditioners who stole our attention include cancer survivor Evan Ruggiero
and the "Turbanator" Gurpreet Singh Sarin

Here's the video of my favorite audition so far by Lazaro Arbos: 

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