My Spanish Feast at Las Flores- The Fort

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There is something about the Spanish palate that is so exciting. Their dishes are not too salty, spicy or sweet but several seconds more and you'll taste something pleasing inside your mouth. For a lover of Filipino food like me, the Spanish cuisine offers toned down or relaxed flavors, tender but equally sumptuous. 

Thrilling for foodies as it already is, but Uri Singla, co-owner of the charming Las Flores in One McKinley Place in Bonifacio Global City, has prepped up something new for his Spanish restaurant. Forget about paella and the calamares, Las Flores gives a modern take to Spanish cooking and adds Catalan influences into it. "We were looking for something new; something Spanish because we're Spanish, but also we're Catalan", Uri shared in an interview with late last year. "We wanted to do something modern, far from the traditional. The food we have is not only Mediterranean, not only Spanish and many of the dishes are Catalan", he added in the same interview. 

During a tasting session held at the restaurant yesterday, Uri shared how he and his team have traveled to different places and picked a few cooking styles. "This is a Spanish restaurant but there is more in here, really", he shared while opening a crystal jar which unusually carried the Tuna Escabeche. "Like this one. We learned this from a different part in Europe and we brought this style here", he added. 

Uri co-owns Las Flores with Dani Aliaga and Sergi Rostoll and brought here Chefs Gerar Villarobia of Barcelona and Dani Vazquez of Galicia. Most requested dishes are the Angus and Foie Minis, Australian angus beef topped with foie (a food product made of the liver of a duck or goose that has been specially flattened) and caramelized apples, and the Patatas Bravas, fried potatoes covered in spicy sauce. I tried both but my personal favorite would be the Chorizo de España which is made of home made croquetas stuffed with Spanish chorizo. More sauce and not so much meat were stuffed in that I found it melting inside my mouth later on just after a few munches. 

Desserts were equally unique and tasteful too most especially the Pastel de Queso con Frambuesa, a cheesecake mixed with berries and served in a wine glass. It was too pretty to be eaten, teasing but once tasted, it provided a perfect ending to my late lunch. 

To let you salivate further, I provided a few photos of the food and the place. Las Flores is at the Ground Floor of One McKinley Place, 25th Street, Bonifacio Global City. You can arrange reservations by calling 552-2815. They are open daily from 11 AM to 2PM and from 6PM to 2AM. 

 2 dish 2 days to make- the Atun en Escabeche de Vino y Aceite de Oliva Virgen 
(Marinated tuna in white wine with a delicious escabeche sauce) 

Patatas Bravas- Fried potatoes in a spicy sauce (PhP195) 

 Chorizo de Espana- Home made croquetas stuffed with Spanish Chorizo (PhP 195)

Tasmanian Smoked Salmon with truffle oil

Mel i Mato- Catalan not so sweet dessert made up of ricotta cheese, honey 
and walnuts (P225) 

Pastel de Queso con Frambuesa- Cheesecake with mixed berries (PhP 195)

 New in the menu is the Manzana al horno con helado or the Apple Cake 

Me and other bloggers enjoying our Spanish feast 

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