Monday, December 17, 2012

The KathNiel Craze

From 24/ 7 In Love to Sisterakas, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla end 2012 as 2 of the biggest celebrities today

I am aware of the KathNiel fever but I didn't really imagine that the level of support their fans are giving them is of this magnitude. Their fan groups have countless chapters and are scattered all around the country, from as far as Dagupan City in Pangasinan all the way to Davao. Tweet with the KathNiel hash tag and for sure you'll get several retweets right after. 

I'm starting to analyze what is it about Kathryn Bernardo (Kathryn Chandria M. Bernardo in real life and still 16 years old) and Daniel Padilla (Daniel John F. Padilla, 17 years old) that made their fans come out and go rowdy every time they are seen in public? I tried to think but my theories might come out the same to what others have in mind. Daniel is your perfect mixture of the bad boy meets boy next door who girls have imagined to be their knight in shining armor while Kathryn bears the kind of beauty which most fans can relate, pretty but not the snobbish mestiza type

KathNiel fans might call me suwerte for having opportunities to see the couple in person but instead of being overwhelmed, I took the time to observe both. I saw Daniel during the X-Factor Philippines Top 4 results night at the PAGCOR Theater two months ago and I'm glad to realize that the kid might have received good pointers from his also celebrity parents. Being the son of two actors, Rommel Padilla and Karla Estrada, Daniel, despite the massive public attention being given to him, exuded humility during the rehearsals. He listened to instructions from the director, repeated his songs when asked without complains, and was just quiet in one corner while waiting for his turn. 

The first time I saw the love team in person was during the 24/7 In Love grand press conference at the Dolphy Theater last November 8 but never really had an up close encounter until the Sisterakas presscon in ABS-CBN a month after. With the questions of the press focused on the three lead stars of the movie: Vice Ganda, Kris Aquino and Ai Ai delas Alas, Kathryn and Daniel patiently listened and waited for their turn to talk. When I was 16, I can imagine myself easily bored by discussion where I am not directly involved but Kathryn and Daniel listened to how their veteran co-stars answer the questions from the press with facial expressions of marvel and amusement. 

I might not have any numbers to show but basing my judgment on public impression, I am sure Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are two of the biggest celebrities 2012 made. Both are also showing too much promise that they might extend their marketability in the coming years to come. Remember, they are just 16 and 17 years old. 

Photos from the X-Factor Philippines Results Night rehearsals and live show- September 8, 2012

This blogger with Daniel Padilla right after his rehearsal at PAGCOR Theater for X-Factor Philippines

Photos taken at the 24/ 7 In Love press conference at the Dolphy Theater- November 8, 2012

Photos taken at the Sisterakas presscon at the 14th Floor of ELJ Building last December 8, 2012