Party Pilipinas Sweet (Part 2 of 3)

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I left you with the question "Who I was starstruck'ed with the most?" when I watched an episode of Party Pilipinas live last September 22. I was expecting I will be all smiles to see Aljur Abrenica, Dennis Trillo or Dingdong Dantes up close but it was actually Jake Vargas who gave me a warm whip of celebrity air. The moment he sat on a lighted chair on stage while waiting for his cue, I found Jake really cute. Now I understand how he took the country, or specifically, the community of teenage girls, by storm when he took one of the lead roles in Tween Hearts. 

Jake Vargas 

Regine Velasquez was not around during last Sunday's show so I was kind of looking for the "Performer of the Day" in my mind. There was Kyla, La Diva, and Jaya of course but for me, the scene stealer was Julie Ann San Jose. The girl can both sing and dance, not the average way, but the hair-flipping, show-stopping way. 

Here's the second part of my Party Pilipinas Sweet coverage. 

Julie Ann San Jose and Francheska Farr 

Rachelle Ann Go and Kyla

John Lapus

Rhian Ramos, Heart Evangelista, Bianca King and Michelle Madrigal

Bianca King

Winwyn Marquez, Heart Evangelista and Bianca King

Yassi Pressman and the girls

 Top to bottom: Kristofer Martin, Alden Richards and Elmo Magalona

 Derick Monasterio and Alden Richards

 Derick Monasterio, Elmo Magalona, Alden Richards and Kristofer Martin 

 The Party Pilipinas stage moments before the show started

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