Fashion Parade at Party Pilipinas

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Styling is a major part of any show on television. It details the celebrity and the show's personality and it boosts more attention from the audience. I mean, people would love to see their idols all dolled up, right? The Philippines has already adapted a certain level of standards when it comes to dressing up in front of the camera that even a carenderia salesperson will react; "Ano ba naman 'yang suot ni _____. Di man lang naghanda!". 

I was invited to watch GMA 7's Sunday variety show Party Pilipinas for the second time yesterday, September 23, and the first thing I noticed about their stars are the clothing. More colorful, accessorizing is even given attention and the make up are adjusted to float amidst the strong lighting of the advanced Party Pilipinas stage. I guess they are left with no choice but to provide excellent styling to their roster of stars who are known for glamour, Solenn Heussaf, Jennylyn Mercado,  Heart Evangelista, Rhian Ramos, Bianca King, Lovi Poe and even the sultry singers Rachelle Ann Go, Kyla, Maricris Garcia, Jonalyn Viray and Aicelle Santos. 

Here are the photos. Tell me who dressed the best? 

Solenn Heussaff and Francheska Farr

Jennylyn Mercado and Glaiza de Castro

Janine Gutierrez and Kyla

Francheska Farr and Rita Iringan

Kris Bernal and Yassi Pressman

Jonalyn Viray and Maricris Garcia

Rachelle Ann Go and Kyla

Yassi Pressman and Diva Montelaba

Bianca King and Heart Evangelista

Glaiza de Castro and Kyla

And my favorite dress of the night, este, noon, this white dress of Rachelle Ann Go

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