Cosmo's Boyfriend Buffet

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OK. So I will answer the most widely asked question, "Is it better than last year's?". No. Certainly not without the same level of tease as offered by Jake Cuenca, Rafael Rosell, and Enrique Gil. Aljur Abrenica begged off for the first time in 4 years of Cosmo Bash, and the demigods of the ramp, the likes of Brent Javier and Martin Richards, are absent too. Though the Brapanese triumvirate of Daniel Matsunaga, Hideo Muraoka, and Fabio Ide were still around, added with the freshness of the Semerad twins and the all-naked comeback of Mark Manicad, the 2012 Cosmo Bacherlors Bash lack the steam oozed by its first 9 versions. 

I don't wanna be "kontrabida" of sort but if there is one thing Cosmo Bash was consistent for the latest 2 editions, the gates opened an hour and 30 minutes after the advertised start time. Once you get in, you need to stand for another hour for the show to begin. Though it will be a long shot for Cosmo's shows to be empty given the subject- men- but a little promptness will not hurt, most especially to your sponsors, right Summit Media? 

Anyway, not that you really care on the things that I will write here but let's focus on the good stuff. All centerfolds were present except for Paulo Avelino. The charming JM de Guzman came in a little bit built and Markki Stroem sprung an underwear surprise. Anthony and David Semerad took the most time on stage and Mikael Daez was surprisingly handsome in person. 

However, Mark Manicad for me stole the night. He brought with him a blue towel, draped it around his body, removed his underwear and walked the ramp. I thought he had another underwear on him inside the towel but he swayed the towel  to show us his hip bone and walla, no more undergarment! He then went walked his way to exit the stage with the towel sagging, exposing his butt's "cleavage", if that term is even technically acceptable. 

Other models who added heat to the show are June Macasaet, Van Leaño, Chris Lomotan, and Vince Ferreran, Actors Rocco Nacino and Enzo Pineda also gave production numbers. I swear I was just busy taking photos and observing. I didn't scream, not a word! Well, less talk and more photos. Here they are. Happy swooning! 

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