My Candylicious Day

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We all have our favorite places in Singapore. It could be the Marina Bay Sands, Universal Studios, the Merlion Park, the whole Sentosa Island, Orchard, Clark Quey, Bugis shopping district or Chinatown. For me, my favorite is just one tree and one store- all so colorful I can just go back to Singapore and sit under that tree and eat inside that store all day. The wonderful place I am talking about is so aptly called- CANDYLICIOUS! 

Nothing in the world would best describe the most colorful store I've seen in my entire life than those 12 letters. Candylicious claims to be the world's largest candy store. It should be true. I could not imagine any candy store much bigger. Candylicious is like the real Chocolate Factory of Willy Wonka, all colors, flavors, shapes and levels of sweetness you can imagine in candies can be seen (and tasted) here. There are only 3 Candylicious stores in the world, all of them located in Asia. The one in Singapore is located in Resorts World Sentosa. There's one Kuala Lampur, Malaysia and there is another in Dubai Mall, the United Arab Emirates. 

Enough with words though, below are some delicious shots. As what they say- "Eat Happy!". I mean "Read Happy!". 

If Juan Tamad was lying down when he waited for that fruit to fall, I was, atleast, standing. 
If these were real candies, then I don't mind to be the new Juan Tamad. 

We passed by the seaside sections of Resorts World Sentosa on our way to Candylicious. 
We had this wooden romantic bridge to ourselves so we thought a brief picture-taking would not hurt. 

The temperature that day was 36 degrees centigrade, normal for a country 
very close to the Equator like Singapore. I modeled the soda that helped us tide through the rest 
of the day. It was too hot that the fountain at the back look so perfect for swimming, if only it is allowed. 

I prepared for my trip to candy land of course. My theme was everything "orangy". 
On me: 
Long Sleeves: Crossing at The Ramp, Glorietta
White Shirt: Abstract tees at Shoppesville- Greenhills
Shorts: Men's Fashion at The Landmark
Shoes: Giallo at The Bachelor's Pad

If both were my suitors, guess who will I said "yes" to? 
Sorry Hershey's but Reese's wins hands down! 

All merchandises here are made of recycled materials. 
And whoever made the copy of the wall slogan is brilliant.
Indeed, the Earth is the only planet with chocolate! 

I panicked when I saw these! There were just sooo much choices!

All sorts of gummy bears, chocolate-coated candies, hard candies, soft candies, Pantteris, fruit candies,
gums, jelly beans, milk chocolates and so many more! 

All sorts of chocolates are here!  There are about 7 types of nutted chocolates in here too! 

Look! My homework chocolates! :) 

Me and Lance were running out of time. The store will close in 5 minutes. 
He said, I am allowed to get 1/4 kilos of candies. Of course I exceeded the limit! 

These are talking stuffed toys. 
The board at the back says "If there's no chocolate in heaven, I am not going!"

Candylicious's mission: to make all shoppers EAT HAPPY! 

Here's the facade of the Candylicious store. We were the last ones who got out 
so we were able to see how they put off the lights. It was spectacular! 

From the cable car, we used 8 sets of escalators to get to this Merlion Statue. 
From here, there were 4 more sets of escalators before you can see Festive Walk 
where Candylicious is located. 

From mainland Singapore, we decided to take the Cable Car to get to Sentosa Island. 
After our splurging at Candylicious, we also used the cable car on our way back. 
The Singapore Cable Car is Asia's very first cabled transportation system 
and its cheapest package is priced at $38 or about Php1,254 per person. 

 Our Candylicious adventure also introduced us to two kinds of high-tech transportation. 
The first one is cable car and the other is Singapore's very complicated train system 
which they also call the MRT. 

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