Kenny Rogers serves a hot one with the all new Red Hot Roast

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When the first and the only Kenny Rogers store in Cebu opened sometime in 2010 in Ayala Mall, it became mine and my officemates' instant favorite. After Friday's graveyard shift, our Saturday brunch would always be one full roasted chicken and some muffins. Complemented by 1 large mug of iced tea, half of it to go, we are ready for one weekend of shopping there after. 

That is one of the great times I miss now that I relocated here in Manila. But setting aside the melodrama, Kenny Rogers never runs out of new ideas for all you chicken lovers out there. In fact, another "something new" sprung out from their creative foodie team that will sure delight every Kenny Rogers fan. Introducing the Kenny's Red Hot Roast!

The Kenny Red Hot Roast is, in looks and serving, your favorite signature Kenny Rogers chicken but spicy. And with spicy, I mean, red hot, tongue-burning, worth-the-tears, spiciness. Me and a selected group of bloggers tried the chicken ourselves in Kenny Rogers Roasters in Powerplant Mall in Rockwell last July 30 and we got ourselves a real surprise. 

Jerome Mitra, the Kenny Rogers Roasters Product Manager, said that the reinvention is part of Kenny Roger's goal to offer something new to the Filipinos almost every quarter without going away from the food item that made Kenny Rogers one of the most stable restaurants in the country today- roasted chicken. "It's always about chicken. We just need to add something to it to create something new. We thought, why not a real spicy roasted chicken?", Mitra shared. 

The Kenny Red Hot Roast sets itself different from other spicy roasted chicken on offer now in other food establishments because it's deceiving. We normally see black spots on the skin of other spicy roasted chicken and we can say, that's where the spicy part is but Kenny's new "darling of the (hungry) crowd" is spicy from skin to meat up to the bones. When served, you'll never be able to distinguish the spicy roasted chicken from the original one. 

Kenny Rogers newest food innovation- Red Hot Roasted Chicken

Kenny Rogers side dishes gets a new look (and taste) too! 
Left to right, the fresh fruits in Tropical Fruit Salad, Tex Mex Macaroni, and Tomato Salsa.

One of the fewest spicy burritos available out there- 
Kenny Rogers Roasters' Spicy Chicken Burrito 

The chicken, though being the centerpiece, is not the only food item new in Kenny Rogers' menu and it's not the only one going from plain to spicy. The restaurant also released the Spicy Chicken Burrito. The perfect light meal made with Kenny's Mexican rice and chunks of the Red Hot Roasted Chicken is mixed with tomato salsa and sliced cheese, all in a toasted flour tortilla. It also comes with a creamy garlic sauce. Now, I can imagine going on a meeting and having lunch with just this burrito. No kidding and so sincerely, it was the best burrito I tasted. 

Another light meal is being introduced by Kenny Rogers for people who are always on the go. They are also serving now the Creamy Garlic Chicken Wrap. It is made of Kenny's Red Hot Roast Chicken, mixed with shredded lettuce, cucumber slices, tomato salsa and a creamy garlic yogurt sauce. Yep! You read it right- yogurt. Tasty and healthy without being cliche about it.

The queen Red Hot Roast Roasted Chicken needs some extra flavorings of course. People who love to eat will surely agree that side dishes are as important as the main food. Kenny Rogers flipped their side dishes, not a bit, but a massive changes are seen and tasted by our blogger friends with the introduction of the Tomato Salsa (chopped tomatos, garlic, and onion with cilantro), and the Tex Mex Macaroni (macaroni in a meaty tomato sauce and creamy cheddar cheese). Diners will also have the option to skip the rice and go for wrapping the chicken in a flour tortilla. 

Shredded lettuce, cucumber slices, tomato salsa and a creamy garlic yogurt 
comprise the Creamy Garlic Chicken Wrap. 

Of course, the bloggers meet up with the Kenny Rogers executives started spicy but culminated sweetly with this Banana Langka Yogurt. 

Now for the happiest part, oh well, for me personally since I am a huge fruit lover. The Kenny Rogers fruit side dish will have the fruit bits now served, no, not canned but fresh. Imagine pineapple, red apples, and honey dew or green apple, tossed in light syrup tasting and smelling as fresh as it can be. Jerome Mitra informed us though that the fresh fruits will be available, as of the moment, only in Metro Manila branches of Kenny Rogers Roasters as serving fresh fruits to the province is a bit challenging. But to the rest of fruit lovers out there, for sure, Kenny Rogers will innovate a better substitute soon. 

Kenny's Red Hot Roast is now available in all Kenny Rogers stores nationwide, out for three weeks now. I got a feeling this will be the next big thing in food- in the same stage with Magnum or something- you'll never know so you better try it. 

P.S. Most of you might have seen this lovely red-eyed lady posing with a chicken drumstick of the Red Hot Roast on billboards. Of course you recognize that's Iza Calzado. Iza will be joining the Younghusbands as one of Kenny Rogers ambassadors. You will be seeing more of her soon to put emphasis on the "hot" in Red Hot Roast

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