ASAP Circus (August 12, 2012) Live!

8:33 PM

Second from the stage and first from the aisle, I was very near to the stage that it's quite hard to fully open my eyes because of the LED lights. The floor director started the enumerate the do's and don'ts. No flash photography, no using of cellphones- texting and calling so as not to interrupt the signal, no standing up to take pictures and you can only pee during commercial gaps. This show is harsh, I thought. 

If the floor director was being very accurate about what he said, it will take you 2 years to watch a live ASAP show the soonest. Of course, that's quite exaggerated we all might thought. But a guy beside me said that there is this one company who booked a day earlier (August 11, 2012) and they were scheduled to watch the show on August 20- year 2013. OK, I'm feeling super blessed then. 

ABS-CBN's long running variety show ASAP is a show dream to watch live. Even the most passive of TV viewers might appreciate watching the show live. Mine was pure luck. Resorts World Manila's "The Edge of Glory" acrobats were invited to perform for the show's opening number last August 12. The theme of ASAP that week was "circus". To do the live feeds to RWM's social sites, I was assigned to go with our PR team. That's the story of how I got my VIP seat. 

ASAP is boasting the biggest stars in Philippine show business. That's the reason, entirely, on how phenomenal the show became for the past few years. Its grand production numbers could be a far number 2 reason. I was looking forward to both. Though being a live studio audience was not as gratifying as it may seem but nevertheless I had fun. 

Let me fill in your imagination by providing you with photos I managed to take during the rehearsals and while on the VIP seat at the live show of ASAP last August 12, 2012. 


opening number

the rest of the live show

Here's a video of the Supahdance segment with Enchong, Enrique, Iya, Kim and Billy Joe. 

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