Shimmering Singapore Skyline

7:16 AM

 The authoritative presence of the stubborn Merlion
is trying to get some more attention as it excretes water
while the spikes of Durian-inspired ‘The Esplanade’
flexes smiles to those who are in the playful mood.
The elation continues heading north with the elegant 'Singapore Flyer'
and just an angle away to the left are the proud towers of the Marina Bay Sands
connected together by a bridge pretty enough just to be called a “boat”.
To be joined soon by ‘Gardens by the Bay’
and embellished by tiny architectural details of ‘The Helix Bridge’
and the ‘Art and Science Museum’, Singapore brings the high life
to almost everyone even with just an afternoon walk at the park. 

Photos and texts by Mark Joseph L. de Leon
The wandering author of The Stridulation of the Lucky Cricket

I can't help but upload the first batch of pictures I took during my recent trip in Singapore right after Day 2- June 13, 2012. I  was so amazed by the sites I saw that I was very eager to share it to my friends and family as soon as I can. I so aptly called by Facebook album "Wednesday Wanderlust" (You can click on the link to view the album, instantly!). The "WW" first letters of the two-word album name and its 5 syllables best described what I felt at that moment- I felt new. I felt rich. I felt luxurious. And I just wanna keep dreaming. 

Day 2 of the my trip was all about Singapore's world-renowned Harbour Front. Well, it's what the nearest MRT station's name is but sometimes, Singaporeans call it the Marina Bay area. Of course I am referring to Singapore's most pictured skyline headlined by 5 architectural superstars: The Merlion, The Esplanade: Theaters on the Bay, Singapore Flyer, The Helix Bridge, and the Marina Bay Sands including the charming Arts and Science Museum

I completed the walk around the area in just 6 hours with a grand culmination brought by the spectacular Marina Bay Sands' Wonder Full Light and Water Show

Hop on in the fun and imagine as if you're walking with me along and within one of the world's most gorgeous skyline. 

First 2 photos above shows Singapore's greatest representation: The Merlion
while the largest observation wheel in the world, The Singapore Flyer, basks in the limelight and the sunlight below. 

Arriving in Singapore 3 weeks early costed me the grand opening of the newest
addition to Marina Bay area's architectural bliss: Gardens by The Bay
The structure at the next photo is called "The Flower Dome" and will open on June 28, 2012. 
It will soon be the world's largest columnless greenhouse!

Pictured above are the triplet towers of the Marina Bay Sands 
connected by a bridge on top shaped like a boat called the Marina Bay Sands Sky Garden
Below that photo are two photos of "The Esplanade: Theaters by the Bay". 
Inside it are concert and theater halls which are built to become the center of arts in Singapore. 
The roof shaped like durian, an abundant fruit in Singapore and neighboring Malaysia, 
is made of aluminum sunshades that helps to adjust the temperature inside the building. 

Photos above shows the corporate towers, home of the top companies in Singapore with Merlion and it's observation park at the center. Next photo shows a guided tour round the Singaporean river with Marina Bay Sands, the Marina Bay Arts and Science Museum and the Singapore Flyer at the background. 
First photo above shows this author on a day at the Marina Bay

 Sunset eats up Singapore but the lion city growls with the symbols of its economic greatness some more. 
These pictures were taken by yours truly from the observation floor, the 57th floor, of the Marina Bay Sands Sky Garden (entrance is for SGD20 for unlimited hours). 

The grandest way to go home is a walk at The Helix Bridge
This blogger seized the moment of course, as seen in the last photo. 
This is a pedestrian bridge which was opened April 24, 2010 and is 280 meters long. 
This is located just beside the Benjamin Sheares Bridge.  

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